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Ernesettle Gym

Sam at Ernesettle Gym

What do we do?

Marjon Health and Wellbeing operate a small fitness suite facility for Ernesettle Health Centre, supervised at all times by a qualified Fitness Instructor. You need to be referred to the fitness suite by a GP, who feels your wellbeing would benefit from engaging with exercise.

How do we do it?

Our Fitness Instructor oversees your initial fitness assessment and delivers your induction to the fitness suite. Baseline measures, collected during the induction, will provide measures to track your individual improvement. These include:

  • Grip strength (correlated to general body strength)
  • Functional sit and stand test (30 seconds)
  • Mobility - upper body and lower body mobility check
  • Body composition
  • BMI, weight and blood pressure

Who is it for?

GPs and health practitioners within the Mayflower Group refer patients who they think would benefit from engaging with exercise to enhance their wellbeing. For more details contact Reception at Ernesettle Health Centre.

When: You need to book as only four patients can use the fitness suite at any one time; for bookings and enquiries please contact Reception at Ernesettle Health Centre.

Where: Ernesettle Health Centre

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Image of Erica Eaton Quinn

Erica Eaton Quinn has taught in numerous schools and is interested in the relationships between physical activity, health and children and adolescents’ health status.