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Patient FAQs

Where do I go on the first day?

The physical activity programmes usually take place in Marjon Sport and Health Centre. This is the first building you see as you drive towards the University campus.

If driving, take a right into the Marjon Sport and Health Centre car park.

Where can I park?

Marjon Sport and Health Centre has a car park right outside that has many spaces and a number of spaces for those with disability badges.

When attending your sessions you can park in the car park and go into the Sport and Health Centre to meet the programme leader, from whom you will be able to obtain a parking permit. You will need to display this permit in your vehicle so there will be no need to ‘pay and display’.

What do I wear?

Sessions will include some physical activity as that is what we are all about! This will be carried out in a progressive, supervised manner and according to your own needs and capabilities. For most this means that you will get a bit warm at some point.

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes with a jumper or top that you can wear or remove depending on what we are doing. There are several changing rooms within the Sport and Health Centre, and lockers and showers.

What type of activity is involved?

All activities take place in a friendly, supportive environment where participants can join in at their own pace. The activity programmes are designed to support participants in making positive changes to their current activity levels. This may mean that you are returning to a level that you have once been capable of, or that you are adopting a new more active lifestyle.

All activities are designed to help you make sustainable choices that can be continued once the initial programme has been completed. To this end some of the activities that are offered are as follows: Nordic walking, body weight and flexibility exercises, resistance band exercise, home-based exercises, swimming, table tennis and gym-based exercise.

Am I fit enough?

People of all ages and fitness levels take part in our programmes. We have a great ratio of staff and students to participants so we can cope with lots of different levels of fitness (and experience) within a group environment.

If you have any significant health issues that affect your ability to be active we will adapt the advice and in some cases may contact your GP to work with them in finding a suitable exercise prescription.

Who runs the schemes?

Each programme is led by a full-time member of the Marjon Health and Wellbeing academic team. Apart from teaching health and exercise to students,  the team are all qualified exercise professionals and sports therapists who are able to advise people with chronic conditions about how to safely underake physical activity.

The lead instructor at each session is always supported by a small group of current students, who already hold fitness qualifications but are working towards a degree in a Health, Exercise or Sport subject. Find out more about the Marjon Health and Wellbeing team here.

What happens at the end of the programme?

Throughout the programme we discuss ways in which you can be more active once you have “graduated”. We have several schemes (including Active Choices) that continue to support participants in the longer term.

You'll have options to continue to visit our campus or to exercise somewhere closer to home. We also have a list of activities that other graduates of our programmes have found useful.