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Remote service

Remote consultations: Frequently asked questions

How will this work?

Simply book your initial consultation or follow-up and select your therapist from the team.  If you do not mind who you see, or you are new to the clinic, select “any practitioner” to see all our availability.

You will need a laptop./desktop or smartphone to access the service. Once you have booked your appointment you will receive an invoice for the session. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a calendar request with further information regarding your appointment. The calendar request will contain everything you need to know about accessing the new service.

What information do we need from you prior to the appointment if possible?

On booking your appointment, to help make sure your consultation is as productive as possible, it is preferred (but not compulsory) that you provide us with a little information regarding your injury/condition. When prompted to leave a note, information on the following is particularly useful:

  • Did it come on suddenly; Traumatic vs non Traumatic or Sudden vs Gradual
  • Duration of time with the injury? 
  • Location on your body
  • Symptoms such as (Pain, Pins; Needles, Burning, Altered Sensation/numbness either partially or fully, swelling, bruising, clicking, locking or giving way, discolouration) 
  • Does it radiate up, down, out to one or both sides?
  • Has it worsened, improved or stayed the same 
  • Aggravating factors - What makes it worse?
  • Easing factors - what things or positions relieve symptoms? 

Who will my consultation be delivered by?

Keeping consistent with how we deliver in the clinic, our undergraduate Sports Therapists and Rehabilitators will be taking the lead on the consultations, supervised by a graduate member of staff. 

How do I pay for the appointment?

On booking, you will receive an invoice for the appointment payable online with all major cards. We use Square UK in clinic and online. Only once payment has been made will your appointment be confirmed with a calendar request for your session. 

How do I contact the clinic?

Please note that the clinic phone line is not currently manned. Please direct any queries via email to the clinic team on

What if I don’t have a webcam?

This service can be delivered by smartphone, just access the appointment in your calendar. 

Whilst video calls are beneficial for the service, we appreciate they’re not for everyone. If you would rather not use video call at all, just let us know on booking your appointment. We are confident we should be able to facilitate all appointments either through email, our instant replying service or video call.