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International musician chooses Marjon for tour preparations

Released: 22.11.16

An Australian singer-songwriter has been using the University of St Mark & St John’s Live Music Studio to apply the finishing touches to his set-list before beginning a European tour.

RY X, best known for soulful acoustic ballad Berlin, kicked off his tour in intimate style at the St Ives Guildhall on Sunday evening, and ties to the South West meant that Marjon was the perfect setting for the LA-based musician to prepare for the 14-stop headline tour.

“We’ve been down here before rehearsing. We were at Sawmills [in Fowey] but it was freezing”, said Ry Cuming, whose music has charted in several countries, including the UK, Germany and France. “Our tour manager is from Plymouth, and he sorted it so that we could use the space in here. We figured we’d just come down here, get out of London, and start the tour.”

RY X, as he is known on stage, spoke fondly of Plymouth and the surrounding area, praising the “vibe” generated by the city’s unique blend of city and secluded coastline. “We like to do production rehearsals in neutral environments like this one. We’re staying in Turnchapel, and we are staying in a really cute little house there. It’s nice to have that energy and be out of the city, rather than stay in a hotel in the city. We’re going to be based here for a few days, it makes sense to be in a culture that fits our vibe.”

Inspired by the work of Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros and Radiohead, Ry’s advice to anyone wishing to pursue a career as a musician, at Marjon and beyond, is sincere and heartfelt.

“Just make sure you’re following your heart. As soon as your head gets involved you’re in trouble making any form of art. Model yourself on the people who inspired you. You look back at the lineage of artists and they have their inspirations that preceded them. Appropriate what you need to and learn until it becomes natural to you.”

RY X is playing several venues in the UK over the coming days, including Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, before heading overseas to perform in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. His debut album, Dawn, is out now.

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