Postgraduate research

If you are interested in doing a research degree, we ask that you first contact the Research Office to start an initial discussion with an academic supervisor. You should complete a research enquiry form, including a CV. Information is provided throughout our Research webpages on our core areas of research and potential supervisory teams.

Entry requirements for PhD registration

The usual essential requirement for a MPhil/PhD is a first or upper-second honours degree or a relevant Master's degree. Other qualifications are considered individually on their merits. The research project must be approved by the Research Degree Panel.


Home:  Full-time £4,125 and part-time £2,050 per annum

International:  Full time: £12,500 per annum

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Funding Options for PhDs

Scholarship options, when available, will be advertised on this page.

We welcome applications from self or externally funded applicants. Here are some useful links to potential funding sources.


Wellcome Trust

UK Research Office

National Institute for Health Research

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Research Councils UK financial aid

PhD Research Areas - Sport

Performance matters

Sports and exercise research

The subject area of Sport & Exercise Science produces research that advances knowledge of how physical activity, exercise, and sport are related to human performance, social inclusion and sustainability. However, while research advances across sport and health undoubtedly co-relate, they also progress on important and unique trajectories, leading to meaningful outcomes in individual areas of investigation. Research of human performance requires consideration of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors which influence performance. These include the investigation of physiological, psychological and mechanical factors across training, recovery, injury repair and rehabilitation to facilitate better understanding of the fundamental principles underlying performance.

List of Sports & Exercise Research Supervisors

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PhD Research Areas - Health

Life enhancing

Health and wellbeing research

Within the area of health and wellbeing, the University has particular and immediate strengths that will enable the advancement of knowledge and understanding through a supportive and vibrant environment. This subject area seeks to undertake interdisciplinary research that is underpinned by innovative research in the field of health and wellbeing. The research area is characterised by a density of individual researchers working in an exciting environment that includes a range of specialist facilities. The subject grouping is derived from a combination of Speech & Language Therapy (with an NHS-commissioned programme and patient referral clinics), Physical activity (clinics), mental health, musculoskeletal health, sports medicine, and regenerative medicine. Interdisciplinary studies that develop the role of creative, digital, or technological intervension or communication vehicles in health and wellbeing are also of interet to the University.

List of Health & Wellbeing Research Supervisors


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PhD Research Areas - Education

Understanding learning

Education research

Research undertaken by the group encompasses the full range of sectors of informal and formal education and addresses education pedagogy, policy, practice. The group has developed innovation in education theory and methodology leading to equally innovative impacts on education pedagogy, policy and practice in early years, community, school, further, higher and career-long education at local, regional, national and international levels. A strength of the group is its inter-disciplinary approach, encompassing particular strengths in sociology and psychology, and its work across all areas of initial teacher education.

List of Education Research Supervisors


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