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Due to the developing situation with Covid-19. Marjon Library will be reviewing its provision and services on an ongoing basis. Details can be found below. 

Service Changes

The library is closed for the foreseeable future. You can still access resources online and staff are still available to answer questions and assist wherever possible. As well as our normal E-Resources, we also have a selection of other resources that publishers have temporarily made avaliable to support your studies during this difficult time. These can be accessed by clicking here.

Library FAQs

When are you going to extend the due dates for items on loan?
The new due date for all items, including Computing Services Media items, is 1 September. You will need to log in to your online account and renew for this new date to appear though.

Am I going to be charged fines during this period?
No, the Library has suspended all fines since the 16th March. Any fines that were accrued before this date will still be on your account. Please contact Library Enquiries if you experience any difficulties.

I’ve tried to renew my books online and some won’t renew. What should I do?
It’s possible that someone has placed a hold on one or more of the items. We’re looking into a way to remove all holds placed recently, but please contact Library Enquiries for a member of the Library Team to review your account.

I’ve tried to renew my books online and my account is blocked. What should I do?
Typically, if your account is blocked, it means that you have fines of over £25.00 on your account. Please contact Library Enquiries for a member of the Library Team to review your account.

I have books that I want to return, but the Library is closed. What should I do?
The Library does not expect any student to return books during this period, by post or in person. Please store your books in a safe space for now and we will be in touch at a later date to instruct you on how to return.

I am a final year student and have left campus. How do I return my books?
The Library is investigating several ways for students to return their books when they have already left campus. We will communicate with all final year students at a later date with instructions on how to return any outstanding items.

How am I going to research when I can’t access the Library collections?
The Library Team are available online to assist you in finding suitable electronic alternatives to physical books, as well as providing tutorials in how you can make the most of online reading platforms from your desktop. If you are concerned about using eBooks, contact to be put in touch with a member of the team.

I have an inter-library loan. How can I return this whilst the Library is closed?
The Library does not expect individuals to return these during this period and is extending inter-library loans where possible. Borrowers with inter-library loans will be contacted and advised individually, or if you have a query, please contact Jo IrwinTazzar, Additional Services Librarian.

If you have concerns or queries please contact us

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