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Futures: Your Life, Your Career, Your Business

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What is Marjon Futures  

Futures, Marjon's Career, Employability and Enterprise team, offer student centred and professional information and guidance on career development learning, employability skills and enterprise as well as providing curriculum input. Supporting the Marjon values, Futures supports experiential learning via placements, work experience, part-time jobs, and international opportunities; business and enterprise development; funding to support opportunities and guidance to support career development and acquisition of key employability skills. Futures online provides web-based digital information, advice, and guidance to support the work of the Futures team and wider Marjon community. 

Support after you graduate 

The Futures team offers indefinite, and continued support to Marjon Alumni. Alumni can book 1:1s with the Futures team, as well a continuing to access the dedicated alumni area on the Futures online website. Additionally, we are keen to involve Marjon Alumni as Career Mentors to current students and recent graduates.  

If you need help planning your job search, polishing your interview technique or are ready to apply for a promotion the Futures team are always here to support and help you.  

Connect with Marjon Futures  

If you would like to get in contact with Marjon Futures email or connect with us via social media – Twitter and  Facebook 

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Futures Online

Take charge of your own career development with Futures Online; a fully interactive digital platform to enhance your performance and employability.

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Our relaxed drop-ins and workshops help you get the most out of university life and to develop the skills you need for a successful graduate life.

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Quite apart from the warm feeling volunteering gives you, it’s a great addition to your growing CV. Plus you’ll get to make friends, support the local community and pick up new skills along the way.

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Camp America

We offer a fast-track on-campus recruitment process and student bursaries to kick start your Camp America experience.

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Study abroad

We have strong links with two Universities in the USA, giving our students exciting opportunities to study abroad for a semester or the whole year and broadening their experience.

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Opportunities abound

There’s nothing quite like real-world work experience to explore your ambitions and put vocations to the test. 

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Choose your course

Use these resources to research the career you want so that you know your degree puts you on the right career path.

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