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Clearing is now closed for 2022 entry, but you can find key dates for Clearing 2023 further down this page.

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Lauren: my first tip would be don't panic at all um because you just don't know where things could take you so for me i was really set on one certain university and i thought that that was going to be like the be all and end all of my career and if i didn't go there then like I wouldn't have a real degree and things like that and taking the chance that i did and was definitely the best thing i could have done it saved me a year of being at college and as the way the world works i've met people now that i know that if i'd have waited until next year i never would have got to meet them and so that's quite a big thing for me also try and be prepared as you can on the phone so write down things that you've done in your life that are good experience so i'm a qualified rainbow leader and then i volunteered with children so i had things like that and key points of skills and things i developed while i was doing that so that when i was asked on the phone okay tell me about a time where you've shown say confidence or organization that was already in front of me and I didn't have to panic and worry i could just like draw on it straight away um but mainly just be open-minded um you're like best course you may never have heard of the university marlon's quite small and i think it's definitely underrated people don't know we exist as much as we do and the main thing is it's your degree it's not your parents or your like boyfriend girlfriend friends it's going to be the rest of your life that this is going to impact so make sure it's the decision that's right for you it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks

Useful Information

Clearing is now open. If you have questions about Clearing, check out our FAQ guide here.

Key Dates 

Wednesday 5 July 2023: Clearing Opens

Clearing is open to applicants. Those who do not hold offers or have already had exam results can apply.

Thursday 17 August 2023: A-level results day

If you had conditional offers but your exam results didn’t go to plan, or you’d like to explore other options, you can use Clearing from results day onwards.

End of September 2023, exact date to be confirmed: Final date for UCAS application submissions

Wednesday 18th October 2023: Last date to add Clearing choices and for universities/colleges to make decisions.


Isabel applied through clearing in 2019

Isabel Astill - BA (Hons) Journalism

“My A level results didn’t go to plan. During my time in sixth form, I was forced to take leave of educational absence whilst undergoing medical procedures, and this reflected heavily in my results.
"I was devastated, my heart had been set on Marjon University since my interview day in 2018. After missing the required UCAS points for my course by just one, I rang Marjon on results day - I had no idea what clearing was, or if I could even still go to university.
"The Marjon team reassured me that I would still be accepted. They walked me through the process, and made it so easy for me. By the end of the call I was going to university and beaming from ear to ear.
"Now, after three years of studying at Marjon, I have a degree in Journalism, a full-time job as the Graduate Media and Marketing intern at the University and will be starting a Masters of Research in September. All of which never would have been possible if it wasn’t for clearing.”

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Lauren: so we rand around a few you unis andthey just didn't want to know I didn't have the grades and that's what they were focused on and then I rang Marge on and the first thing they said is okay well why why do you want to come and study this course and I could speak about speech and I'm so P for ages I was really excited and had all this experience and that's all they really cared about they wanted to know that I was passionate and mainly that I was going to be committed the first ad I spoke to you was just super friendly and she was really excited it felt like she was excited almost like she was matchmaking me of my course and and a lot of the other unions I'd spoken to it was kind of more of a formality but she definitely put me at ease and just made me even more excited to be speaking to Marjonand then I was connected through to the administration for my course and she was just so friendly and really welcoming and just seemed so interested in me and a lot of the other places I've spoken to I just didn't get that at all but it kind of gave me the confidence to speak more about myself and because that can be really awkward sometimes you kind of got to like big yourself up and mention all these things that normally if you're quite like a modest person it's really difficult to do but she just made that so much easier and I could tell that she really wanted me to do well and like she wanted to let me on the course arms I'm really happy that I picked up the phone and I honestly can imagine now what would be like if I hadn't I've met so many incredible people made so many friends and my lecturers are incredible and absolutely loved my degree so is definitely one of the best decisions in my life.

Our accolades

No. 1 uni in England for student satisfaction

The Complete University Guide 2023

No. 1 uni in England for social inclusion

The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023

Top 5 uni in UK for overall postgraduate satisfaction

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2021


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