Research & Knowledge Exchange events

The Research & Knowledge Exchange Office coordinates a variety of research events throughout the year. Details of upcoming events can be found within this page and wider university events are also listed here. Please contact if you would like further information.

Researcher Developer Series: Dr Phil Mullins "The Commonplace Journey: A Mobile Methodology and Pedagogy in Outdoor Recreation and Education"

Wed 10 June, 1500-1600hrs

The commonplace journey methodology was developed for field research during a 100-day canoe expedition in 2005 from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta to the Arctic Ocean at Nunavut. This mobile methodology draws strongly on a tradition of learning and travel in Canadian outdoor education, and informs it with hermeneutic phenomenological pedagogy and theory in order to facilitate praxis through a series of linked activities, which generate data. Taking up critiques of wilderness, the research explored an alternative theoretical approach to our thought and practice, opening up new possibilities. This talk will introduce the methodology, applications for research and teaching, and discuss adaptations.

Dr. Phil M. Mullins is an Associate Professor in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management, and Natural Resources and Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia, in Prince George, BC, Canada. His research focuses on exploring a participatory ecological approach to outdoor recreation and education centred on sustainability.

Open to all staff, MRes and PGR students.  This event will take place via Microsoft Teams.  For a calendar invitation, email

Brown Bag Series

Our monthly Brown Bag series are open to staff & students to attend. Staff & PGR students are invited to present their research and gain feedback. These sessions are informal with lunch provided.

If you would like to present at a Brown Bag session, please contact

Outlook invites for upcoming Brown Bag sessions will be circulated to staff, PGR & MRes students.

Inaugural Lectures

Plymouth Marjon University is home to a fantastic professorial community. Find out more about past and upcoming inaugural lectures.


Research Developer Series: Learning from mistakes

1400, 13 May 2020

Join Professor Michael Hyland for this interactive study skills session on 'Doing Research: learning from the mistakes I have made'.

Open to staff & students.

Researcher Developer Series: Ethics Workshop

Wed 3 June, 1030-1200hrs

Dr Kass Gibson (Ethics Panel - Chair) and Alison Millyard (Ethics Panel - PGR representative)


This session will provide an opportunity to delve into the ethics application process, including the development of supplementary material and how to apply the risk assessment.


Primarily aimed at PGR and Early Career Researchers but open to all staff.


Send your ethics related questions to by Friday 29 May, 4pm.



Academy Lecture: Professor Pam Dawson


Full details coming soon!

Masterclass Academy Lecture: Exploring Professional Learning in Education


Join us for our Masterclass Academy Series when we will be welcoming four speakers: Professor Rachel Lofthouse, Philippa Cordingley, Professor Gerry Czerniawki & Professor Sonia Blandford.

This masterclass creates a space to consider four distinct areas in professional learning:

1. How coaching can improve and transform the lives of educators;

2. How to move forward as an early career researcher;

3. How opportunities for progression as a professional may be bound by issues of social mobility;

4. How education needs to re-think the way professional learning is delivered.

Open to the public. This event will also be streamed live to our Marjon Cornwall campus in Truro.

Full details & register

Researcher Developer Series: - auto-transcription workshop

1100, 13 May 2020 uses artificial intelligence to help transcribe interviews, focus groups, spoken reflections, and other voice recordings – It is a real time saver. In this session, Dr Alister McCormick will explain how to navigate the ethical implications of using Otter to help with transcription (particularly informed consent), and he will show you how to use it in practice.

Open to all staff, PGR and MRes students.  This event will take place via Microsoft Teams.  Contact for an invitation.

Research Developer Series: Publishing Hints & Tips

1300 - 1400, 26 March 2020

Where should I publish? How do I go about getting a paper published? What are predatory journals? Publishing Hints & Tips....and much more!

Open to Staff, PGR & MRes Students. This session will be taking place online via the RKEO Microsoft Teams.

Academy Lecture: Professor Michael Hyland

1230 - 1400, 4 March 2020

"Why the context is important" Professor Michael Hyland describes recent advances in theoretical understanding showing how the context is important to prevention, therapy and health, a theoretical understanding help guide clinicians and lifestyle coaches in their practice.  

Open to the public.

Full details & register