Undergraduate courses

Full-time courses

Unless otherwise specified, all applications must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) using Apply Online. You can do this through your school or college if they are registered with UCAS, or independently.

Full details and instructions can be found on the UCAS website, including details about references and application fees. The UCAS code for Plymouth Marjon University (Marjon) is P63 (PMARJ). If you have any problems applying online, get in touch and we'll gladly help you.

Your application should normally reach UCAS between 1 September and 15 January. It's best for all applicants to apply by 6pm on 15 January, although late applications will be sent by UCAS to institutions for consideration.

Part-time applicants

Applicants who want to apply for part-time study should apply directly to the University, normally between 1 September and 31 July. However, bear in mind that part-time study isn't available for all ITT and Speech & Language Therapy programmes.

Please apply to the University using our online Apply Direct service.
Apply Direct

Non-standard qualifications

It's impossible to list all of the qualifications that we'll consider, as every applicant is unique. So if you have any questions about eligibility, it's best to get in touch with the Admissions Office. We recognise the value of learning outside of formal education institutions, so we're happy to consider applications on an individual basis. If you don't have the standard entry requirements but you do have a raft of skills, knowledge and experience, talk to us about the possibilities.

A group of students outside Marjon library

How we make offers

At Marjon, we encourage you to recognise that you are more than your exam results. You are not defined by letters and numbers. We recognise that some people don’t have top grades before university, for many reasons, but still become brilliant students with us, and go on to do truly inspirational, life-changing work.

We believe that if you find the university that fits, your academic talents will thrive.

If you think that could be you, we’re interested in hearing from you. Apply to us. We assess your fit with Marjon in many more ways than just your exam results, predicted or otherwise.

• The Admissions team will assess your qualifications and use your personal statement to help us assess your motivation and values and fit at Marjon. If anything is unclear, they may contact you. This could be if you have non-standard qualifications, or international qualifications, for example, or have been out of education for a long time.
• The lead Tutor for the course (the ‘Programme Lead’) will also assess your qualifications, predicted grades and Personal Statement. Sometimes they may contact you for more information. As part of this discussion, you can submit a portfolio of your work for us to assess your academic skills, or we might request a short submission of work from you.
• You can also request a discussion with the Programme Lead to explain your reasons for wanting to be part of Marjon, or just to work out if it’s the right fit for you.
Sometimes, particularly when we have been particularly impressed with your achievements so far, we make offers that are grade –reduced, or even unconditional. We only do this if we are confident that you will continue to work hard to achieve your grades, and where we are sure that you have the academic drive to succeed at Marjon. (Please note we also can’t do this on professional courses where it’s mandatory for you to achieve certain grades.)

We very rarely give unconditional offers, (unless you already have your results), and would only do so if we feel incredibly confident you will achieve your grades.

Students with disabilities

We welcome applications from students with disabilities, and we put a lot of effort into making sure your University experience is every bit as fulfilling - both academically and socially - as it is for other students. We think it's a great idea for you to visit the University before you apply, and we can sort out informal visits and extra support at visit days and interviews. Once you join the University, all the backup you need will be readily available through our Student Support Service.
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