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Student Ambassadors

Group photo of Student Ambassadors working at Marjon Graduation

One of the most coveted positions at the University is that of Student Ambassador. Our student ambassadors are responsible for promoting the University to students across the South West.

You’ll be involved with open days, taster days, student shadowing, marketing events, and higher education fairs. The ambassador experience rewards you with fantastic work experience and makes a valuable addition to your CV.

Why become a student ambassador?

  • Learn new transferable skills
  • Gain credible work experience for your CV
  • Prepare for working life
  • Increase your employability
  • Benefit from performance management
  • Continual training
  • Gain confidence
  • Earn extra money
  • Meet people, share experience, make new friends and have fun 

A Student Ambassador talking to guests at an event

What do student ambassadors do?

As a student ambassador, you can get involved in a wide range of activities. This might be working at an open day, showing prospective students around campus or simply being available to answer any questions. Similar events include taster and interview days when student ambassadors are on hand to help prospective students feel more at ease. Student ambassadors also get involved in university marketing projects, for example working on the website or taking part in photo shoots. There are also many off-campus activities to be involved in such as school visits or education fairs.

A Student Ambassador welcomes guests to an event

Reaching out

The Student Ambassador Scheme plays a crucial role in helping to promote the University to potential students. Student ambassadors regularly work with young people from schools and colleges in the South West.

When would I work?

The role of Student Ambassador can be very flexible. You opt into activities that fit around your lectures and other commitments. You may get involved in an one-off event or an ongoing commitment. If you're passionate and enthusiastic about education and enjoy meeting new people then being a student ambassador is perfect for you.

Student Ambassador (Jess) talking into a microphone

Rewarding experience

"The best thing about being a student ambassador is how rewarding the whole experience is. Not only do you get to meet loads of fantastic people (fellow sudents, prospective students and staff) you can discover and develop skills you didn't know you had! There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in lots of fantastic activities and you get a real sense of achievement when you are representing your university at an event. The job also looks fantastic on your CV and will be very beneficial in the future."  Jess Morcom

Student Ambassador (Patrick)

Superb experience

“Being a student ambassador is one of the best things I have done at university. There are so many opportunities to work, I get to work when I want and it fits around my schedule nicely. Being a student ambassador is a superb experience due to it being so fun. It is a great way to meet people and it also pays really well. The variety of activities looks good on my CV.” Patrick Tompkins