Student funding advice

Money issues can quickly get on top of you, we’re on hand to help with any issues you’re having, so please never be afraid to ask. We’ll treat your enquiry with the utmost respect and total confidence.

University hardship fund

Support when you need it

There’s a certain amount of funding available to help students who are experiencing financial hardship. If you have children, are a mature student with existing financial commitments, are from a low-income family, were previously in care, or are homeless, we may be able to help you fund your studies. 
All applications will be means tested and payments will usually be made in installments. Students can apply to the fund once they are fully registered at the University.
The University Hardship Fund application form and guidance notes are available from the Student Funding Advice section of The Student Handbook, hard copies from the Information Hub or to request a copy to be emailed please contact

Student Finance

Help with tuition fees and living costs

You may be able to borrow money to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with living costs. Please visit our Fees and Funding webpage for further information regarding tuition fees, student finance loans and other types of funding.

If you have any issues with applying for your student finance or want to check that you are receiving all that you are entitled to please contact for help and advice.


The UK benefits system


Due to its complicated, ever-changing nature, we’re unable to offer our students any in depth advice about eligibility and applying for benefits. But if you visit the GOV UK, Citizens Advice and Jobcentre Plus websites, you should be able to track down all the information you need. 


Keeping it under control

When you’re a student, building up debt is often an inevitability, but it should always be manageable. It’s important to make informed decisions and keep your finances under control while you study so that you’re not distracted from your studies.
If you’re worried about debt while you’re studying, Step Change Debt Charity offers invaluable advice to students about managing their money. Plus their Debt Remedy service can help you get things back on track if you feel like debt is taking over. 
If you would like any further support or advice regarding debts (including help setting up a managable budget plan and signposting to relevant debt support organisations) please contact


Helping you juggle it all

Quite often, people decide to go to university once they’ve already had children, but the financial hurdles can make it seem impossible. We don’t want this to stop you. We have plenty of recommendations for great childcare providers, including the superb Flying Start nursery which is based on campus in a purpose-built building. There are tonnes of other childcare options within Plymouth: visit the Plymouth City Council or GOV UK sites to find out more.
We know that childcare can get expensive so, providing you qualify for financial assistance, we may be able to help. You could be eligible for the Childcare Grant, the Parents’ Learning Allowance (to help with books, material and travel), the University Hardship Fund (if you’re having financial difficulties), and Child Tax Credits.
If you have any questions about balancing childcare with your studies, we’re on hand to help.