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Care leavers and estranged students

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Marjon is committed to supporting students who are in or leaving care before and throughout their studies at university.


If you are leaving care or are estranged from your parents and family and making the decision to go to university you may have lots of questions, we can and will help you every step of the way.

The support you need

We can provide:

  • A dedicated, named adviser.
  • Help with completing your UCAS application form.
  • Help with applying for student finance.
  • Individual visits and meetings with you, and your Personal Adviser/Carer, prior to arrival.
  • An annual grant of £2,000 for care leavers* and £1,000 for estranged students (for undergraduate students aged 25 or under from when they start their course, please contact for more details).
  • Unlimited help with getting part-time and/or full-time employment, both during your studies and up to three years after you graduate.

*A care leaver is a young person who has been in care for a minimum of 13 weeks, some of which was after age 16; they are entitled to continuing support from their local authority until age 25.

Thinking of applying?

Our Student Life Officers, Matt Hulbert, Rachel Daykin and Caitlin O'Boyle, are available to answer all your questions:

  • Chat about what it’s like to study at Marjon.
  • Set up a meeting with you, or you and your Personal Advisor or Carer if you prefer.
  • Arrange a visit to get to know the campus, the types of accommodation, or meet some students to see what student life is really like at Marjon.
  • Make sure you know how to access all funding available to you, including the Marjon care leavers’ grant of £2,000 per year.
  • Remember, to tick the ‘care leaver’ box when you apply though UCAS; this way we’ll be able to send you helpful relevant and information before you start with us.
  • Email Matt on, Rachel on or Caitlin on

Once you’ve got your place

We will be in touch throughout the Summer with information updating you about everything you need to know about Marjon life. Closer to your arrival, you will receive specific emails about arrival details, upcoming events such as Fresher’s Week, clubs and societies and your academic timetable.

Arrival and the early days

Our Student Life Officers, are available to support you from day one. Along with a team of Resident Student Assistants, they will be here to meet you on your first day. They help all students living on campus to settle in.

As well as a formal induction event, there are lots of social activities, clubs and societies you can join within your first week and throughout the year.

Additional support

We have a dedicated student wellbeing & support team who can help with finances, accommodation, employment, counselling and pastoral support. This team is available all year to listen to and support you in a way that works for you.

Every student will also have a Personal Development Tutor (PDT) allocated to them on the course. They will provide you with academic support and guidance.

Throughout the year care leavers, care experienced, and estranged students have the opportunity to meet up and socialise. Some examples have been a pizza evening or daytime coffee catch up.

National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL) logo

Working together

Marjon is committed to providing advice, guidance and support to students who are in or leaving care before and throughout their higher education studies and as such are members of the National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL).

Helpful links

  • Propel – a fantastic website to help you decide whether studying at university is right for you and general information about moving into higher education, including stories of care leavers who have.
  • Become – advice, support and fact sheets.
  • National Network for the Education of Care Leavers – lists events and resources.
  • UCAS – has a specific section for care leavers as well as being the place to search for courses and apply for university; it includes student case studies.
  • Care Leavers Foundation – provides small grants for 18 -29 year olds who are in crisis or want to get their lives under control.
  • Coram Voice – advocacy and support for those in care and recent care leavers.
  • Stand Alone - charity that supports people estranged from their families.

When you graduate

When you graduate, you will have unlimited access to the our careers service (Marjon Futures). The team can help you develop your CV, application and interviews skills, and offer life changing opportunities such as a summer at Camp America, to help you get your dream job!