Mature students

Academic support

Many mature students who have been out of education for a period worry about their ability to return to academic study. If you would like to brush up on your academic skills, you can attend study skills sessions and talk to your personal development tutor. Our tips:

  • Remind yourself of your motivation – times can get hard as a student, try to remember why you chose to study.
  • Booklists – are meant to help and to not confuse! Find out what your main texts are.
  • Learn to discard information – you can’t use all the notes in one piece of work, only use what’s relevant and keep the rest of your notes for exam revision.


Many mature students worry that they will be the only mature student on their course and will struggle to make friends. The Marjon community is inclusive by design. Give yourself time and take advantage of the opportunities to meet new people. Our tips:

  • Go to the Freshers Fair and join clubs and societies that interest you – this is a great way to meet like-minded people. If you don’t find a society, why not start your own?
  • Go to some of the events that are taking place during Freshers.
  • If family commitments make it difficult to meet other students, use the University Facebook page and the Students’ Union Facebook page to keep in touch with new friends, or organise your own socials at times to suit you. 

Family and friends

Involve your family and friends in your university life and talk to them about your experiences here. It is better for everyone to understand in advance how studying will impact your life and the time you have available. Be realistic about what time you will need and plan around the busy times of the year. Also remember studying can be tiring, plan your week to ensure you get enough rest!


Marjon recognises that many students will be combining their studies with caring for children. Flying Start Nursery is located on campus and a full range of childcare facilities advice is available through the Plymouth City Council website.

The Students’ Union can run family-friendly events so that you have the chance to meet other students that may be in the same position as you. Speak to the SU about putting these events on throughout the year.


Students have several options to consider when thinking about which accommodation to choose. Living on campus is  great for many new students; however this isn't for everyone. Look at our accommodation options and see what suits you best. If you would prefer not to live on campus then we recommend that you choose off-campus accommodation that is university approved.

Our top tips

  • Give yourself time to settle.
  • Recognise that your maturity is an asset.
  • Organise your time before you start your induction.
  • Work to your strengths and face your fears!
  • Make connections - a great way to start is by joining the Mature Students Society.
  • Involve your family and friends in your new university experience.