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As a Partner Student you can make use of all the same resources and services as any other student studying at Marjon.

You should be issued a Marjon email, student number and password when you enroll on your Partner course and this will be you login for all Marjon systems including Library ones. Please note any communications from us will always be sent to your Marjon student email address so please check it regularly. 

If you have not received or have forgotten your Marjon login details please contact Computing Services

If you are struggling to access library resurces such as E-Books please contact Library Enquiries.

Whether or not you will be issued with a Marjon ID card will have been arranged by your partner institution, please contact them in the first instance to query this if you need student ID for any purpose. 

This link will redirect you to an induction page created specifically for you within MyMarjon, our internal support platform.

Please note  MyMarjon requires a login; which is your Marjon student number and password. 

Partner Students Induction