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Accommodation for postgraduate and top-up students

Please complete and return your application as soon as possible.  Application forms will be available here on 1 January 2018.

Offers of accommodation will be posted a prior to your arrival.

Once an offer of accommodation has been made in order to secure your accommodation you need to:

  • Sign and return the Terms & Conditions
  • Sign and return your payment plan
  • Pay your £250 deposit
  • Complete and return your bank details (this is where the University will pay any bursaries, expenses and your deposit refund)

Please note that access to the room will only be given once all the above has been received at the Information Hub.

You can apply for a fixed contract in Halls of Residence for the academic year September 2018 to July 2019 (42 weeks), including the Christmas and Easter vacation and the £820 Dining-In-Scheme Card.

Should the University send you on placement further than 30 miles or 30 minutes commuting time of the campus or you are on a study abroad programme you can opt out of the contract for this period. 

You are entering into a legally binding contract so read and understand all the Terms & Conditions before accepting.