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British Council awards £20k to Marjon international climate project

Released: 07.02.23

Marjon West Entrance

Plymouth Marjon University has received £20,000 of funding from the British Council for its new innovative climate learning project. The funding will allow the project to exhibit its final work. 

Researchers at Marjon, Professor Debby Cotton and Dr Steve Disney, along with colleagues from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Vietnam, are working to develop a creative and immersive exhibition of a mixed audio-visual photographic experience. 

The exhibition will be displayed both in the UK and Vietnam and will become a modern innovative resource for teaching English language in Vietnam.  

Students and staff at both institutions will be involved in producing the showcase of materials using photos, posters, graphics, and immersive technology, including binaural sound design – a way of creating sounds through using dense objects and a dual microphone set-up. 

Dr Steve Disney, Senior Lecturer at Plymouth Marjon University, added: “I am really excited to be leading this amazing project which brings our two institutions together and merges my passions. The exhibition is going to be a fantastic event and we are looking forward to seeing all the pictures.” 

Professor Debby Cotton, Director of Sustainability, Creativity, and Innovation at Marjon said:  

“This innovative project is a great example of Marjon’s commitment to addressing climate change through all aspects of our work. It’s an exciting opportunity to strengthen our international links whilst helping to address the climate challenge. We hope this project will lead to more creative approaches to tackling climate change, and inclusion across diverse subjects in the curriculum.” 

This collaborative product adds to the University’s growing portfolio of work towards sustainability and climate change. In 2022, Marjon completed the final stage of its Marjon Zero project which saw the installation of 2,000 solar panels and one of the largest non-domestic ground source heat pump projects in England. 

Plymouth Marjon University has partnerships with 26 institutions around the world, including America, India, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Greece, and Turkey, to offer international study and exchange student programmes. 

More information about the immersive climate learning project will be shared on our social media in due course. 

Learn more about Marjon and international study here. 

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