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Marjon academic seeks parents of dyslexic children for research study

Released: 06.03.19

Parents of dyslexic children are sought by Plymouth Marjon University PhD student Avik Banerjee for a study into the provision of private tutoring for pupils with dyslexia in England.

The study is thought to be the first piece of qualitative research that seeks to explore and provide a detailed picture of the nature and extent of private tuition for dyslexic children in England.

The research will examine the support provided to dyslexic children by their parents in the form of private tutoring. It will look into why and how parents make choices when employing a private tutor.

Avik is seeking parents who have children with dyslexia in years 6, 9 and 11 who undertake private tutoring and would ask them to participate in a semi structured interview, which would be arranged at their convenience.

“I'm keen to learn about parents’ experiences of private tutoring for children with dyslexia,” said Avik.

He continued: “This is the first academic research looking into the provision of private tutoring of dyslexic pupils in England. I hope later to look into the perspectives of the students and the tutors . I want to use the findings to provide advice and information to families who are affected by dyslexia".

If you are interested in taking part in this research please email Avik on

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