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Marjon Academic speaks at The Global Wave Conference in Australia

Released: 11.03.20

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Dr Gregory Borne recently spoke at the biannual Global Wave Conference alongside Dr Robert Hales, Director of Griffith University’s Centre for Sustainable Enterprise.

Global Wave Conference 2020 was hosted by Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve Inc on behalf of the International Partners Save the Wave Coalition, Surfrider Foundation International, Wild Coast, and Surfers Against Sewage.

The 6th Biennial Global Wave Conference is an international gathering to advance the recognition of the value of waves and their protection around the world. It brings together the best international minds from surfing, conservation, and innovation communities to tackle the world’s most challenging ocean issues. It’s the first time that the Global Wave Conference has been hosted in Australia and the Gold Coast.

Dr Gregory Borne and Dr Rob Hales have been collaborating on research to develop a carbon offset typology that more realistically represents the multiple dimensions of carbon offsetting.  This was particularly discussed within the context of the aviation industry, but will serve as a transferable framework to multiple sectors.   The outcome of the research is planned to be presented at United Nations COP 26 in Glasgow this November.

Dr Borne said:

“Climate change is transforming society in many different ways; all sectors are coming together to explore mechanisms in order to transition to a low carbon society.

“The Global Wave Conference is an inspiring event with speakers from all over the world, coming together to explore multiple dimensions of surfing. There were over 400 delegates from 19 countries in attendance during the four-day conference.”

Dr Hales said:

“Greg’s contribution at The Global Wave Conference was invaluable, and together we are advancing the conversation on carbon offsetting.

“The need for stronger carbon emissions reduction targets globally, and the need for an effective global carbon market have never been higher, which means that organisations need to know how their local actions can make a global difference. However, by doing our preliminary research we found that there was a wide range of understanding of the priorities of action even among experts.

Making sense of the experts is something that will have practical application for business. With its heavy reliance on air travel, the surf industry will benefit from this research.”


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