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Marjon joins Plymouth’s Tap-in pilot

Released: 07.10.22

Students try the new Tap In option

Plymouth Marjon University has formed a partnership with Plymouth Culture to support the growth of the arts. The ‘Tap-in’ system gathers information on events and attendance around the city.

Plymouth Culture, an organisation focusing on growing and developing the arts and culture sector in Plymouth, has created a system to gather information on where and how people are taking part in entertainment events.

Audience members scan a QR code on the Tap-in posters which asks them to sign in and say how long they have spent at the venue.

Those participating can also update their profile to share their age, postcode, and other information about themselves to help investors understand the profiles of those attending events in the city.

The Marjon Arts Centre is one of 12 city-wide partners participating in the pilot, with the University’s Tap-in system having been launched this week.

Hannah Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Plymouth Culture, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that Marjon is part of this pilot program. Tap-in is all about celebrating events happening in the city, and the Marjon Arts Centre is having a great impact in the North of the city.”

Sarah Hahn, Arts Events Co-ordinator for the Marjon Arts Centre, added: “It’s so exciting to be part of this program. Our centre is a growing event and entertainment venue in Plymouth, so being able to support the growth of the arts is a focus for us too.”

Tap-in is now live at the Marjon Arts Centre and audiences are being encouraged to use the QR codes.

Find more information about events at the Marjon Arts Centre here.

Find more information about Tap-in here.

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