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Marjon launches Health & Wellbeing Practitioner course for 2020

Released: 18.04.19

Marjon is launching a brand new BSc (Hons) Health and Wellbeing Practitioner course from September 2020. It has been developed in consultation with the NHS to meet the increasing demand for NHS services which support patients in terms of their physical, mental and social health.

The healthcare profession has undergone much change and now there is greater emphasis on supporting individuals to take more responsibility for improving their own health.

 Dr Joe Layden, the course leader, said: “Our course is set up to take a holistic view of health and wellbeing. We want practitioners who can have an understanding of the factors that prevent people from engaging in their own health and wellbeing, who understand the clinical and societal issues and can potentially sit within a group of healthcare providers and be the conduit that understands all the different facets of healthcare.”

Patients with long-terms conditions such as diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and certain cancers could benefit from such services. These patients already come to Marjon clinics for practical support that will help them to get on with their life and to develop behavioral changes.

Students will train at Marjon’s on-site clinics and laboratory facilities. They will have the opportunities to work alongside key organisations. We run a leg ulcer clinic with Livewell, which has observed an 80% accelerated healing rate and we work with Macmillan and Sentinal Health Care on our cancer and back pain programmes. 

Dr Layden continued: “The students will have opportunities in every year of the course to engage in those clinics to get hands-on experience. We also have a number of healthcare partners we work with outside of Marjon and there are a series of new projects that we’re setting up at the moment. One of our drives is to give our students as much of an opportunity to get involved with those as is possible. We want our students to be in a position where they know how to interact with healthcare providers and professionals.”

To find out more, click for details of the BSc (Hons) Health and Wellbeing Practitioner course, see the videos below or come to our Summer Open Days on 7 and 8 June 2019.

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