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Marjon launches three new counselling courses

Released: 23.11.21

Marjon are excited to announce the launch of three new counselling courses for 2022. The degree options are Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling, BSc Hons Counselling for the Helping Professions, and MSc Advanced Psychotherapy and Counselling Studies. This follows the launch of MSc Psychotherapy and Counselling for Children and Young People earlier this year.

This comes after Marjon celebrated the first psychotherapy and counselling graduates crossing the stage, after successfully completing their degrees. The new graduates have already secured great jobs, such as a Specialist Support Worker for a housing charity, Counsellor, Behaviour Specialist at a school, Recovery Worker at a prison and going on to teacher training. 

The range of counselling courses means that Marjon can provide something that suits everyone, from those starting out in the field to postgraduate courses for those who already have relevant experience but who want to develop more skills to broaden their employment options.

With the varied courses, there are many different career opportunities after graduating. Some students want to become counsellors and register with counselling bodies, although others want to go on to other roles that help people without being a counsellor specifically. The new degrees mean that people can get what they want out of their degree.

Students on these courses learn from skilled and experienced counsellors, at a university that has a reputation for its close community and supportive environment. There are few degrees in psychotherapy and counselling, especially in the South West so Marjon is strong option for aspiring students, being the no.1 university in England for learning community (National Student Survey 2021) and the no. 1 university in England for teaching quality (The Good University Guide 2022).

Senior Lecturer, Alister McCormick, says: “Through the new selection of courses, we can meet the needs of our students even more. The two undergraduate options will offer different opportunities, and specialised education and training. Of these Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling is perfect for those who want to become a counsellor while BSc Hons Counselling for the Helping Professions is for those who want to use counselling skills in a range of careers such as education, health or human resources.

“Training people to go into this profession is very needed right now. There has been increasing awareness of mental health over the last decade, as well as increasing awareness of the need to provide mental health support. To some extent, the pandemic has also drawn attention to aspects of mental health and wellbeing, such as loneliness and anxiety. This means there is more demand for people who are skilled to do help with this.”

Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Julianna Hopkins, says: “In each of these courses, students will gain knowledge of their own emotional responses to theory, practice and relationships. Counsellors, Psychotherapists, and people who work in the helping professions, are expected to have evolved levels of self-awareness in order to inform and promote their continuing personal and professional development.

 “These courses will draw on personal resources, personal qualities and give you the skills and knowledge to be the most helpful to others. All of these degrees are an opportunity for deep introspection and learning through relationships, and for those wanting a practical element to their studies these courses will offer opportunities for experiential learning.”

To find out more about these courses book on to Marjon’s next open day on Wednesday 24th November.

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