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Marjon student appointed Performance Director for national boxing organisation

Released: 24.05.23

Marjon student Stuart O'Connor

Plymouth Marjon University is proud to announce the recent success of Stuart O’Connor, MSc High-Performance Sport Coaching student. Stuart was appointed as the Performance Director at the Swedish Boxing Federation. 

Stuart joined Marjon in September 2021 and enrolled on the High-Performance Sport Coaching programme part-time while coaching Boxing at an international level for Great Britain. He joined the course to improve his theoretical knowledge and understanding of coaching to pursue his career goal of becoming a Performance Director at Olympic level in the future. 

Stuart identified that he needed the critical awareness and depth of understanding required to create high-performing cultures and manage large operations, which are essential requirements for Performance Directors. The MSc High-Performance Sport Coaching programme at Marjon delivers a comprehensive study in this area, providing students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in this field. 

Newly appointed Performance Director Stuart, said:  

“This course has broadened my understanding of the different insights of coaching; specifically understanding cultural differences and needs analysis of different personnel within an organisation. One of the assessments was to design our own strategic plan that focused on the operational and relational requirements for creating a high performing environment; something I am now applying in my role. The MSc High-Performance Sport Coaching degree has helped me to reach the highest coaching level in my career so far.” 

Aaron Cusack, Senior Lecturer in Sport Coaching and Physical Education at Marjon, added:  

“Stuart has made outstanding progress on the course which has led to his appointment as Performance Director of the Swedish Boxing Federation. He arrived as an elite-level boxing coach already but needed the critical knowledge and understanding of how the key processes, associated with athlete and operational development, can harness the creation of high performing environments. This awareness has since allowed Stuart to pitch these insights successfully at an interview, and this epitomises what the High Performance Sport Coaching programme is all about.” 

Stuart has now been appointed as the Performance Director at the Swedish Boxing Federation where he secured a four-year contract and will be responsible for overseeing all the Boxing provision at national, international, and Olympic levels. 

Stuart’s success is a testament to the programmes and curriculums at Plymouth Marjon University and how they help students to achieve their career aspirations and succeed. 

The MSc High Performance Sport Coaching programme combines contemporary approaches of learning and research and applies these methods to coaching practice in a flexible, stimulating and comprehensive way. Students examine their practices and processes critically, enabling them to further develop their identity as a coach, and enhance leadership skills and the creation of high-performing environments.  

Find out more about the Swedish Boxing Federation here and learn about the MSc High Performance Sport Coaching programme at Marjon here. 

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