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Marjon to host conference on Justice

Released: 09.11.18

Plymouth Marjon University is set to welcome esteemed guests and academics for a symposium on National and Global Justice.

Titled Justice in a Changing World, the conference-styled event will play host to Conservative MP Gary Streeter, Green MEP Dr Molly Scott Cato and Marjon Senior Lecturer Dr Sue Wayman. The symposium will take place on Friday 7th December at 10am and will last for around two hours.

The trio will deliver 30 minute talks on different topics of justice in the modern world to an audience of students, academics and the wider world interested in addressing issues of justice in modern society.

Marjon Lecturer Miles Smith is organising the event and hopes the audience gain some knowledge on important societal issues around justice.  

“The event will help promote understanding of substantive issues in justice, and provoke students and others to consider policies and practices from an ethical and moral position,” said Miles.

Following the delivery of their respective talks, Gary Streeter, Dr Cato and Dr Wayman will be engaging in a cross-panel discussion on global justice and will be inviting questions from the audience.

Miles continued: “We’re delighted to be welcoming such esteemed guests to Marjon to discuss a topic that is important to a lot of people. We really want the event to shine a light on national and international justice. I think students of law, criminology and history, among others, will find this event both informative and engaging.”

“We’re hoping that our speakers will be able to offer unique insights into challenges and issues related to justice on a global and national level.”

Gary Streeter, a Conservative MP since 1992, will be able to provide an understanding of justice from his unique vantage point inside Parliament. Gary’s legal training and background will enable him to speak with clarity and authority in relation to issues in social justice. This will be coupled with Dr Molly Scott Cato’s knowledge of serving in the European Parliament as a member for the Green Party. Molly’s work is extensive and she will be able to present an incisive perspective on issues of global justice.  

Marjon Academic Dr Wayman will be providing a research-based viewpoint on the day and her talk is titled ‘Pathways for a Sustainable Future.’

Those interested in attending can register for the event here: 

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