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Marjon’s Criminology department welcomes Dr Adrian Barton

Released: 03.07.19

Dr Adrian Barton has joined the growing Criminology department at Plymouth Marjon University, having worked in Higher Education for 22 years. He now joins us here at Marjon, and he’ll be teaching on BA (Hons) Criminology, BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology, and BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation.

Dr Barton’s background is in social policy and social work. He said: “My masters dissertation was on drug use in the criminal justice system and my PhD was on child protection. I’ve always been interested in researching those areas where criminal justice touches social welfare.”

His book, Illicit Drugs: Use and Control, which was published by Routledge originally in 2003, has just been commissioned for a 3rd Edition. The book draws information from wide-ranging sources and illuminates the complex nature and broad impact illicit drug use carries in its wake, providing an overview of the contemporary state of the drug scene.

Having worked in a number of senior management positions in the past, Dr Barton is eager for the challenge of a new teaching environment here at Marjon. He siad: “It’s funny really, as I developed through my academic life, I realised I really liked the communication side of things. I don’t really see teaching as teaching, it’s more shared learning for me. The best teaching sessions are when we learn together. It’s really nice to get insight and see things from a fresh perspective.”

“Something that is important to me is the fact that Marjon encourages people from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds to study. Widening participation is vital for me. If Higher Education is about anything, surely, it’s about providing people with the ability to reach their full potential, and Marjon embraces that much more than a lot of other universities do.”

Speaking about his first impressions of the University, Adrian said: “I’m excited to work at a university where there are open communications between the staff and students. I’ve come from a background teaching huge classes, in some cases I had groups of more than 200 students, where there wasn't the scope to change your approach to cater to individuals. Here at Marjon, it’s clear from the moment you walk in that the students are right at the front and centre of everything Marjon is about.”

Find Dr Adrian Barton’s bookIllicit Drugs: Use and Control here.

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