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NeuDICE launches to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs

Released: 03.05.23

Co-founder Stuart Watson speaking at the NeuDICE launch event - photo credit: Matt, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network

NeuDICE, the Neurodivergent and Inclusive Community of Entrepreneurs, was officially launched on Monday 17 April at The Council House in Plymouth. The organisation aims to support Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, and other neurodivergent individuals across the UK who want to turn their brilliant ideas into successful businesses. 

Co-founded by Ed Fish, Anne Collis, and Marjon visiting lecturer Stuart Watson, NeuDICE seeks to create a community for neurodivergent entrepreneurs, both virtually and through local hubs such as NeuDICE-Plymouth and NeuDICE-Swansea. The organisation also hosts a Living Lab, where entrepreneurs and academics can work together to identify ways of doing business that allows neurodivergent people to take their rightful place among business leaders. 

“NeuDICE is a unique offer to the neurodivergent community.” said Stuart Watson, co-founder of the organisation. “We’re here to help you utilise your unique skills and develop your plans into real projects to create and execute your business model. As passionate neurodivergent entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the need for a different kind of support which neurotypical-led organisations can't deliver.” 

At the launch, Gareth Hart, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network leader, expressed his delight that Plymouth had been chosen for the launch of this game-changing UK social enterprise. Plymouth is currently celebrating 10 years since becoming the first Social Enterprise City, and the network looks forward to working with NeuDICE.  

Ed Fish, Anne Collis, and Stuart Watson are all successful entrepreneurs themselves, and they understand the challenges that come with starting and running a business. They also recognize that existing business cultures and ways of working are designed around one set of neurotypes, which can hinder innovation and creativity. According to Anne Collis, "NeuDICE is about to transform the business world, opening it up to a long-excluded group of people." 

NeuDICE seeks to develop new models for doing business that are neuro-inclusive and allow people with different ways of thinking to come together to innovate and create new solutions. The organisation is constantly developing new solutions to help overcome the challenges faced by neurodivergent entrepreneurs, such as getting the right team and systems in place, finding business support and professional services that make sense to them, and finding suitable spaces to work. 

Being an entrepreneur can be isolating, especially if existing networking opportunities and business support services don't work for you. NeuDICE aims to provide a virtual and in-person community where individuals can learn from each other, trade with each other, and support each other. 

Learn more about NeuDICE at their website here. 


(Photo credit: Matt, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network)

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