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Roaring success for the Marjon lion in the World University Mascot Rankings

Released: 26.11.19

Plymouth Marjon University are in the final of the World University Mascot Rankings. Marjon’s mascots, the lion and the lamb, have been voted into the final four of the rankings.

The rankings are being compiled via a series of Twitter polls run by Bantshire University, a fictional University Twitter account. It is unknown who runs this mysterious account but in one year it has attracted over 10K followers to it’s fun and light-hearted content.

A Marjon graduate entered the mascots into the rankings and so far, students and staff have cast over 500 votes for Marjon’s mascots, enough to fight off some big-name universities such as Leeds Beckett University and University of Northampton in the quarter and semi-finals. Being one of the smallest universities in the polls, Marjon’s small class sizes and supportive relationships create the strong student community, proud to support their University’s mascots.

The University’s mascots, the lion and lamb, have been an intrinsic part of Marjon’s history since the 1840’s, when Marjon’s founding colleges; St Mark’s and St Johns, were originally established; in London. The lion was the mascot of St Mark’s college while the lamb came from St John’s college (founded 1840). The two colleges amalgamated in 1923, becoming ‘Marjon’, and the lion and the lamb have been together ever since.

Geoffery Gulzar, President of Marjon Student Union said: “It has been great to see our students come together and show their support for the Lion & Lamb! Even though we maybe a small University in size our community spirit is second to none. I have no doubt that our students will get behind our mascots in the final! Let's bring it home.”

Mick Davies, who has been General Manager of Marjon Student Union for 25 years, said: “We’ve had some fun with this and it is rewarding to see our students engaging with it because they are proud of our Marjon community. Worn by Presidents and volunteers alike, MSU purchased the photographed costumes in 2011 and they have featured at all our major events ever since.”


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