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The Olympic doctor diaries

Released: 22.08.16

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Marjon’s Professor Cathy Speed is a sports doctor working in Rio as part of Team GB.  She has been right there in the middle of the action as Team GB is working to make this our best Olympic result ever.  

What wereher impressions of this global gathering? Read texts as she snatched time between consultations to help us feel that we were there with her:

17 August
“On Friday I travel to São Paulo to give lectures to orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists on bone health in athletes and advanced management of soft tissue injuries in athletes.” 

14 August
“Another beautiful day in Rio. The days are long as competition starts early and finishes late at night. What a huge city it is with venues spread across a huge area. Masses of people from all nations milling around in the sunshine and a sea of Brazilian yellow and green. Amazing performance by Mo Farah last night in the track. Agony and ecstasy for Team GB elsewhere. Still many days of competition to go!”

13 August
“A beautiful sunny start to the day. Heading to pavilion to cover Badminton as I am chief medical officer for the team. A crucial day for us. More action soon at rowing and later, a big day for track & field. Go Mo!!”

12 August
“A cool and rainy start in Rio but Team GB spirits are not dampened. Momentum in Team GB is building, athletes in good form and the day beckons. Rio has embraced the Games and the Games are embracing Rio...”

Professor Cathy Speed is a Consultant in Rheumatology, Sport and Exercise Medicine.

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