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John Evans


School of Health & Wellbeing

01752 636700

Role Summary

John is a qualified Osteopath and is a qualified Acupuncturist, Sonographer, Nutritionist, strength and conditioning coach and advanced rehabilitation specialist.

John developed Actively Intelligent Rehabilitation (AIR) following severe damage to his Axillary nerves in his shoulders which lead to months of severe pain, muscle wasting and the inability to lift his arms.

He researched the best foods and vitamins for nerve repair & anti-inflammatory properties and went into greater depth exploring the exercises, used visualisation and mindfulness and had osteopathic treatment as needed.

Out of this experience he developed AIR, a complete health care system that takes into account your pain, your nutritional needs, your physical rehabilitation needs, acute and chronic pain management, your fitness needs and your strength and reconditioning needs.


John's teaching experience includes:

  • Head of Clinical Practice for Osteopathy - Oxford Brookes University
  • Head of Technique Unit for Osteopathy - British School of Osteopathy
  • Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics - Swansea University
  • Senior Lecturer on structure and function in health and disease - Oxford Brooks University
  • Affiliated Lecturer at Marjon university


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