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David Moore


School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

01752 636700

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Role Summary

The modules I lead on the Forensic Investigation programme are centred around the theoretical and practical skills required to effectively investigate a crime scene. The modules are 'practical heavy' with many of them taking place in the 4 bedroomed crime scene house on campus. Students will learn how evidence is assessed at the scene for relevance and how it is seized and secured to enable it to be valid at court. Students will develop practical thinking skills in building up a hypothesis around what has occurred and evaluating evidence for submission to the laboratory and also where it fits in with the whole investigation. I trained and assessed a number of new police officers in practical situations out on the street, so my passion is around people developing and applying the actual practical skills needed. My experience within the police of evidence gathering, investigation and evidence evaluation allows me to create realistic scenes whilst being completely up to date with current practices.  









Expert Membership of professional bodies

 Police Sergeant with Devon and Cornwall Police.

Roles on external bodies

 Police Alcohol Licensing Sergeant, British American Football Referees Association Disciplinary Committee member.

Other Interests

 Military history, American Football referee, playtester/developer of wargames, cycling, running

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