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Dr Andreas Walmsley

Associate Professor

School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

01752 636700

Andreas Walmsley

Role Summary

Andreas is one of the core teaching team at Marjon Business. Andreas has taught across a range of subject areas though specialises in entrepreneurship/innovation, HRM/labour market issues and research methods. Andreas is an active researcher, having published two sole-authored books and edited three. He has published numerous peer reviewed publications in the areas of entrepreneurship education, service sector employment, mentoring for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial career development. Andreas has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences and continues to supervise PhDs - currently he is supervising PhDs in the areas of entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial finance. Andreas is a personal tutor and is committed to ensuring each student makes the most of the opportunities higher education opens up to them. 


PhD, The Impact of Tourism SME Placements on Career Intentions, Leeds Metropolitan University.

Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, York St John University

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, York St John University

BSc (Hons) Tourism Management with Sandwich Placement; University of Plymouth


Andreas teaches in a range of business areas (entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, marketing) where he is able to demonstrate to students the interconnections between these different business functions. 


Andreas continues to undertake research in the broader areas of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. He also publishes in the area of workforce issues in the service industries, particularly tourism and hospitality. He has supervised seven PhDs to completion and has experience of PhD examination as both internal and external examiner. He is currently supervising four PhDs with a focus on entrepreneurial ecosystems, equity crowdfunding and entrepreneurship education.

Andreas is editor (research) for USASBE-affiliated journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy

Andreas recently edited a special issue with a colleague at Surrey University on research impact in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism. The editorial can be found here.

Andreas has also just finished editing with colleagues at Anahuac University, Mexico City a book on Entrepreneurship Education. Details can be found here

Andreas was invited track chair for entrepreneurship and innovation at the recent (December 2021) conference: Pandemic Shock and its Consequences for Business and the Economy, in Poznan, Poland. Details can be found here.  He also co-led a track on entrepreneurship education at the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Pafos, Cyprus (September 2022). 


Peer Reviewed Papers, Books, Book Chapters:

Walmsley, A., & Wraae, B. 2022. Entrepreneurship Education but not as we know it: Reflections on the relationship between Critical Pedagogy and Entrepreneurship Education. International Journal of Management Education. Available here

Larios-Hernandez, G., Walmsley, A. and Lopez-Castro, I. (Eds) (2022) Theorising Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Education. Reflections on the Development of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.  

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Selected Conference presentations/papers from 2016:

Decker-Lange, ., Lange, K. and Walmsley, A. (2022) Entrepreneurship Education and Employability: Insights from UK Higher Education. British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 31st August - 2nd September, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Invited presentation to University of Aix-Marseille, 29th April 2022: An Application of the Concept of Legitimacy to Entrepreneurship Education

Walmsley, A., Moon,C. and Jones, P. (2022) Embedding Responsibility in Entrepreneurship Education. IEEC Annual Conference: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education on a Global Scale. 7-9 September, Swansea University, Swansea, UK. 

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Akaehomen, T., Walmsley, A. & Sawang, S. (2021) Advancing the entrepreneurial development of Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Ireland through Entrepreneurship Education and Training,  ISBE Annual Conference. Bridging Enterprise, Policy and Practice: Creating Public and Social Value. (Cardiff, ISBE).

Preedy, S., Walmsley, A., Smith, K. & McLuskie, P. (2021) The Development of Entrepreneurial Identity within a HE environment; the COVID-19 context ISBE Annual Conference. Bridging Enterprise, Policy and Practice: Creating Public and Social Value. (Cardiff, ISBE).

Walmsley, A. & Wraae, B. (2021) An Application of the Concept of Legitimacy to Entrepreneurship Education,  ISBE Annual Conference. Bridging Enterprise, Policy and Practice: Creating Public and Social Value. (Cardiff, ISBE).

Walmsley, A. (2021) Keynote address at the conference: “Co-creating the Post COVID-19 World Exploring Sustainable Paths”, Arab Open University, Oman, 8th March 2021.Research Track Chair for Entrepreneurship Education research track at 16th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, A virtual conference hosted by Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Portugal, 16-17 September 2021.

Walmsley, A., & Wraae, B. (2021) Entrepreneurship Education and Emancipation: A Political Perspective. Emerging Research Track. Paper presented at the Boldly Unscripted USASBE2021, Virtual Conference.

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Beaumont, Emily, Andreas Walmsley, Eleanor Woodward, and Laura Wallis. 2016. "The Freestyle Lifestyle Entrepreneur: A Tale of Competing Values. " British Academy of Management Conference 2016, Newcastle, 6-8 September 2016.

Roles on external bodies

Editor (Research) for USASBE's journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy

Visiting Research Fellow at Neapolis University Pafos

Editorial Board member International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research

Affiliate Researcher with the Icelandic Centre for Tourism Research 

Member of the British Educational Research Association

Former member of the Executive Committee of the Association for Tourism in Higher Education

Founding member of the Tourism Workforce research group at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre

Member of the Society for Research in Higher Education

Former Honorary Secretary for the Tourism Society Westcountry


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