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BA (Hons) Leadership and Management for Business

Develop your management skills and become a leader in business. Small class sizes mean you’ll speak up in class and participate in discussions, honing your strategic and people skills as you go.

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Accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

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Full-time Part-time

Entry requirements

Three A-levels at grades CCC or above

Or BTEC at MMM or above

Or Access 23-45 D/M with min 6D

And GCSEs in Maths and English Language at grade 4 or grade C or above

A public services part-time option (2 years) is available for those who have completed relevant prior qualifications

UCAS points 96


UCAS institution code P63

Duration Three years full-time or up to six years part-time

Course Summary

The first year of BA (Hons) Leadership and Management for Business lays the foundations for students’ understanding of the business world; topics include marketing, leadership, people management, accounting and finance, coaching and mentoring and enterprise. The second year develops these topics further by examining their relevance for small and medium sized enterprises and encouraging students to work closely with employers and clients through applied coaching work. The final year culminates with the opportunity for students to advance their leadership and coaching skills through applied learning while completing a dissertation in a topic of their own choice.

Our BA (Hons) Leadership and Management for Business degree is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), this is the leading body in the UK for leadership and management. You'll earn their Level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership alongside your degree, at no extra cost. You'll continue to enjoy free access to the their online events and resources for a year after you complete the course.

Why this course at Marjon?

Access to a diverse network of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs

Practical and hands on learning opportunities

Opportunities to lead and manage in a business setting

Option to study as a top up for those with relevant qualifications and/or experience

Work with local, regional and international businesses

Includes a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership and a Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring

Modules for this course

Course Snapshot

In the first year you will gain an understanding of the key areas of leadership for business with modules on people management, finance and marketing. During second year you will focus on enterprise and how business owners encourage a creative and productive workforce. You will also apply knowledge of mentoring with practical coaching sessions for a client. Third year focuses on what makes a great leader and looks at how business leaders are dealing with contemporary issues. You will also undertake a dissertation, with a focus on business or enterprise.
Dr Gregory Borne - Course Leader

1st Year

Academic, personal and professional development
In this module you will reflect upon academic personal and professional aspirations and engage in development planning to achieve these. We will look at where you want to be when you graduate and how to get you there.
People management
A broad overview of human resource management developing your knowledge of human resource management processes and practices, for example, recruitment selection, performance management and training and development. You will also develop a range of skills including team working, conflict resolution and leadership.
Accounting and finance
Introduction to basic concepts and techniques of Accounting and Finance. You will identify the main users of financial information, the characteristics that make accounting useful and examine how businesses are structured.
This module develops your knowledge and understanding of marketing strategy. How do organisations identify customer needs and wants, determine which target markets can best be served, and design appropriate products, services and programmes to serve these markets?
Introduction to coaching and mentoring
This module introduces students to the concepts of coaching and mentoring and will examine key theoretical concepts, coaching and mentoring within global, national and local contexts and what values and ethics act as a framework for coaching and mentoring practices.
Business environment
What is an enterprise? What does it mean to be enterprising? Hear from guest speakers and local businesses, challenge conceptions, and find out what enterprise means in today's world.

2nd Year

Intrapreneurship and innovation
Perfect if you are curious about the differences between enterprise and innovation. What does it mean to be intrapreneurial within an organisation? And how does that differ from an entrepreneur?
Accounting and finance II
You will explore how accounting and finance procedures differ for small to medium sized businesses. What sources of funding might be available for your business ideas and how can you access them?
Organisational behaviour
Learn how business owners confidently manage their employees and encourage a creative and productive workforce. Work in teams to discover your most effective working styles and explore the people management structures of local, national and global businesses.
Marketing in business
You will examine what the marketing needs are for small and medium sized businesses and in groups design a marketing campaign for a regional business. There will be a specific focus on digital and social media marketing within this module giving you the opportunity to critique existing marketing campaigns and design your own.
Applied coaching and mentoring
During this module you can apply the concepts of coaching and mentoring in practice through delivery of bespoke coaching sessions for a client. This will require you to consider appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environment to meet stakeholder interests and apply theories of coaching, mentoring and emotional intelligence.
Research methods
This module will prepare for your dissertation and provide you with guidance on how to undertake an original piece of research. We will explore possible research designs and examine both qualitative and quantitative methods.The module will culminate with you producing a research poster outlining your dissertation proposal.

3rd Year

Leadership and management
What does it take to be a great leader? How does an entrepreneurial leader differ from any other type of leader? In this module you will examine leadership theory and use case studies to evaluate leadership in practice.
Contemporary business issues
In this module you will critically evaluate the global and national issues faced by business leaders, topics will include; sustainability, the role of government in business and how might a business create social value. The module will finish with a group presentation whereby you address a major business concern and offer your solution.
Advanced coaching and mentoring
In this module you can develop your coaching, mentoring and leadership capabilities through participating in a range of practical activities. These activities will be underpinned by relevant theory and critical evaluation of coaching and mentoring activities within differing organisational contexts.
Reflective business portfolio
This module will allow you to reflect on your learning journey on the degree and produce a Business Portfolio that details your achievements so far. Identify your skills portfolio and provide evidence of your knowledge and understanding. The production of this portfolio will act as an useful addition to your C.V.
Honours project
An individual piece of research on a topic of your choice related to business and enterprise. You will collect, analyse and interpret results in the light of existing knowledge and produce an original dissertation.

This course is perfect if you’re curious about

What makes a strong leader and successful manager?

What is the best way to mentor and coach individuals?

How can you effectively brand your business?

Why might some employees be more creative than others?

How can you incorporate innovation and enterprise into leadership and management?

How can you measure the social impact of an organisation?

This course is a reflection on Programme Leader Sarah's knowledge and passion for business. The content is incredibly well put together and covers all bases, enabling students to graduate with a wealth of lived experience, lessons learned from other entrepreneurs, and confidence in their ability and ideas to set-up a business themselves.
Jayne Hardy - Founder at The Blurt Foundation

See where our graduates are now

Aimee Murphy

"This course enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary theory that strengthened my leadership and management skills. As the course is accredited by CMI it provided me with additional CMI qualifications in Advanced Coaching and Mentoring and a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership. I really enjoyed my time ay Marjon and a huge part of that was the excellent tuition we received."

Aimee is now doing naval officer training with the Royal Navy to become a Training Management Officer

What might you become?

Graduates can apply the learning from this degree within their existing workplace utilising the knowledge, skills and experience gained to apply for promotion or expand their role and responsibilities. Other graduates may go on to work for small to medium sized enterprises both nationally and internationally, large multinational firms or run their own businesses.

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In association with:

EE logo

Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK)

EE work to enable excellence in enterprise education, connecting educators and practitioners so they learn from each other and are inspired to increase the scale, scope and effectiveness of their enterprise and entrepreneurship education.


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

CMI is the leading body in the UK for leadership and management. You'll earn their Level 5 qualification in Management and Leadership alongside your degree, at no extra cost to you and requiring no additional assessments.

How you’ll be taught and assessed?

How will you be taught?

Practical hands on teaching and learning activities provide you with numerous opportunities to test your ideas and hone your problem-solving, decision-making and leadership skills. This includes fieldtrips, guest speakers, business simulation games, work based learning, project work and self-directed study.

How will you be assessed?

Assessment is diverse through coursework such as essays, business reports, group project work, consultancy projects, presentations and reflective portfolios, with no exams.

Dr Gregory Borne

Course leader

View full profile

Dr Gregory Borne is an interdisciplinary social scientist with an emphasis on sustainability. He has worked for international organisations such as United Nations as well as organisations in the government, education and third sectors. He is the author of numerous journal articles and four books on different components of sustainability. Greg is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as well as the Institution of Environmental Sciences. Greg is the programme lead for the innovative BA (Hons) Social Sciences and the MRes in Social Sciences. Greg is also: Post graduate research coordinator supporting post graduate research students. Responsibility for preparing the annual research environment statement Member of the research degree scrutiny panel Member of the research and knowledge exchange committee

Fees and funding

Fees UK students: £9,250 per annum

Fees for International students: £12,500 per annum

This fee covers your tuition and access to course-specific equipment and facilities, as well associated services including access to the library, study skills support, IT support, student support and wellbeing services and membership of the Student Union. There may be additional costs by course.

Funding available for this course

Our Student Funding Advisors offer confidential and impartial advice about your funding options.

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Laura Wallis

Senior Lecturer

View profile

Laura’s academic background is in business and management. She is researcher and her PhD focuses on the phenomena of lifestyle entrepreneurship and lifestyle sports.

Dr Andreas Walmsley

Associate Professor

View profile

Andreas teaches and researches with a particular emphasis on enterprise, entrepreneurship and workforce issues in the service industries. He has worked on consultancy projects for both public and private sectors including the International Labour Office, Enterprise Educators UK, International Finance Corporation and the Higher Education Academy. Andreas is co-editor research for the journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy and is founding member of the Tourism Workforce research group at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre.

Frequently asked questions

Q1   What are the advantages of a CMI accredited course?

By studying a CMI accredited course you join a network of over 140,000 members and get access to expert learning resources on top of your regular course materials. Six months after graduating 58% of graduates from CMI accredited courses are in professional roles, compared to 48% of graduates from non CMI accredited business courses (CMI, 2018).

Q2   What are the key skills that I’ll develop thanks to the CMI accreditation?

81% of students on CMI accredited courses felt they had acquired skills to manage themselves, 74% felt they had acquired skills to lead change and innovation and 73% felt they had acquired skills to develop people and capabilities (CMI, 2018).

More information

A recent report by the Centre for Entrepreneurs - The Military Entrepreneurship Manifesto - outlines the need for the specific enterprise and innovation skills which are embedded in this course.

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