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  2. 27 Mar 2024: MSF Transport Policy. Due to its location on England’s South West Peninsula, Plymouth Marjon University is. geographically located some distance from the central regions of the UK. Even within what is. considered the South West region, Plymouth is
  3. 27 Mar 2024: 1. MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING POLICY. Purpose. This policy provides a framework for promoting positive mental health at Marjon, and how we. respond to mental health difficulties. It fits within an umbrella of mental, physical, nutritional, social.
  4. 21 May 2024: Plymouth Marjon University Assessment Policy, version 1.2: page 1 of 9. ASSESSMENT POLICY. 1. Purpose. 1.1 Assessment is a generic term for a set of processes and procedures that gauge learning. outcomes in terms of knowledge acquired, understanding
  5. 20 Aug 2020: MSU GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE. Clause. Page. 1 ABOUT THIS PROCEDURE. 1. 2 STEP 1: WRITTEN GRIEVANCE. 1. 3 STEP 2: MEETING. 2. 4. 5. STEP 3: APPEALS. MONIOTORING AND REVIEW OF THE PROCEDURE. 2. 2. 1 About this procedure. 1.1 This procedure applies to all
  6. 18 Sep 2020: MSU SOCIETY’S MODEL CONSTITUTION. Name of Society:. Aims & Objectives of the society:. Membership:. • Membership of the society shall be open to all members of the Students’ Union. • Non-members of the Students’ Union shall be restricted
  7. 28 Jul 2023: ToR 2023-24 RKEC: page 1 of 5. RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE COMMITTEE. Serviced by: Research and Knowledge Exchange Support Officer. Reports to: Senate. 1. Terms of Reference. 1.1 To be responsible for the development of research and knowledge
  8. 28 Jul 2023: ToR 2023-24 REP: page 1 of 4. RESEARCH ETHICS PANEL. Serviced by: Research and Knowledge Exchange Support Officer. Reports to: Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee. 1. Terms of Reference. 1.1 To ensure a University-wide awareness of ethical
  9. 8 Apr 2024: CAV- ES Transcription Sheet: Ulster. Name: CA: Date: SLT/P:. Clinical Assessment of Vowels (Bates, Milne, Sinclair, Sweet and Watson, 2010) Illustrations by M. Felton. No. Word. (e) elicitation. Target. SD Ulster Target. Realisation. Additional
  10. 5 Aug 2020: Guidance on data security breaches. A breach of the Data Protection Act 2018 could damage the University’s reputation in. addition to the Information Commissioner fining the institution for a serious breach. The. maximum fine that can be levied,
  11. 11 Sep 2023: Plymouth Marjon University SRF 2023-24 Progression: page 1 of 5. 5. PROGRESSION. This section of the Student Regulations Framework applies to all taught. programmes of Plymouth Marjon University, whether undergraduate or. postgraduate, and to all

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