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  2. 15 Jun 2024: Council Meeting 14/04/2021. In attendance - LE, JL, LM, AG, LC, JF. LO, ON, and WM joined later in the meeting to discuss security. Apologies from BP. Welcome - LE. Formal congratulations to new officers from LE, recommendation that officers who are
  3. 15 Jun 2024: MSU Council 11/01/21. LE JL LC EM JF and AG in attendance. LGBTQ+ month. LC online posts, JL in discussion with SP. Contact with externals and LGBTQ+ Society, working with them. The Zone interested in partaking. Foot in the door. LM expressed
  4. 15 Jun 2024: Council Meeting 25/11/2020. Uniboob update from LM - 12 days of ‘titmas’, February strava event, prizes from small businesses. Period products and packs for isolating students. Scotland providing free products. JL mentioned Intima. JM and LC
  5. 3 Jun 2024: Trustee Board Meeting TB23/SB/1. ___________________________________________________________________. 21st February 2024. 1600-1800. Meeting facilitated on Teams. MINUTES (Approved). ___________________________________________________________________
  6. 25 Apr 2024: Background information. Name:. Date of Birth:. Address:. Home phone:. Mobile:. Email:. What is your current occupation? GP (surgery name and location). Are there any other professionals working with you? Past medical history - Do you have any
  7. 25 Apr 2024: INFORMATION AND CONSENT FORM. Background information. Child’s name:. Date of Birth:. Parents names:. Home phone:. Mobile:. Email:. Address:. GP (surgery name and location). School/Nursery:. Are there any other professionals working with your
  8. 5 Mar 2024: MM. MSU CONSTITUTION 2022. Created by MSU: January 2022. Approved by PMU: March 2022. Revised: February 2023. Revision Approved by PMU: July 2023. Review Date: 2027. By: MSU Council & Plymouth Marjon University. Constitution. of. Marjon Student Union
  9. 4 Mar 2024: Before preparing your Expression of Interest read the call specification and FAQs carefully. They are available here:. Applicant. Name. Organisation. Department of School:. Organisation where the Fellowship will be held (mandatory). University.
  10. 28 Feb 2024: MARJON STUDENT UNION. BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2023/24 M3 Board of Trustees. 21st February 2024 21st February 2024. Additional Agenda item. Minutes Extraordinary Board Meeting. (TB23/MD/3). Action. Approval. History. Annual May Ball. Author. Mick Davies.
  11. 28 Feb 2024: Trustee Board Meeting TB22/SB/1. ___________________________________________________________________. 6th December 2023. 1400-1600. Room HDC 217. MINUTES (Approved). _________________________________________________________________________. Invites

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