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  2. Thumbnail for Our people - Gardner, Sarah

    Sarah Gardner

    Senior Lecturer

    School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 01752 636700
  3. Thumbnail for Our people - Irving, Luke

    Luke Irving

    Digital and IT Services Analyst: SITS Lead

    Computing and Media Services 01752 636700
  4. Tracey Brackstone

    Registry Co-ordinator (Assessments & Results)

  5. Thumbnail for Our people - Parker, Kathryn

    Kathryn Parker

    Digital Innovation Administrator

    Digital Innovation 01752 636859
  6. Thumbnail for Our people - Gibson, Dr Kass

    Kass Gibson

    Associate Professor

    School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing 01752 636700
  7. Thumbnail for Our people - Ord, Dr Jon

    Jon Ord

    Associate Professor

    Institute of Education 01752 636700
  8. Thumbnail for Our people - Sawyer, Ann

    Ann Sawyer

    Information Advisor (CLA)

  9. Thumbnail for Our people - Barnfield, Karen

    Karen Barnfield

    Head of Registry and Admissions

  10. Jacqueline Ruse

    Registry Administrator (Admissions)

    Registry & Admissions 01752 636700
  11. Thumbnail for Our people - Edwards Katheryn Angharad

    Katheryn Edwards

    Lecturer - Developmental Psychology

    School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing 07546 269104
  12. Thumbnail for Our people - Leather, Dr Mark

    Mark Leather

    Associate Professor - Education and Outdoor Learning

    Institute of Education 01752 636700
  13. Beth Willment

    Sport and Health Science Clinic Manager

    School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing 01752 636700
  14. Kevin O'Connor

    Campus Security Assistant

  15. Thumbnail for Our people - Bowden, Victoria

    Victoria Bowden

    Sports Centre Operations Manager

  16. Thumbnail for Our people - Bradwell, Marie

    Marie Bradwell

    Visiting Lecturer in Marjon Teacher Education Partnership

    Marjon Teacher Education Partnership 01752 636700
  17. Thumbnail for Our people - Willis, Katy

    Katy Willis

    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Success)

  18. Thumbnail for Our people - Cripps, Jonathan

    Jonathan Cripps


    Marjon Teacher Education Partnership 01752636700
  19. Jon Bingham

    Disability Advisor

    Student Wellbeing & Support 01752 636700
  20. Erin Jarvis

    Speech & Language Therapy Clinic Practice Educator

    School of Sport, Health and Wellbeing 01752 636700
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