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Celebrating diversity

We continued to promote equality through celebrations and have built a programme of events into our annual calendar. We are always looking for ideas for new events, so please contact us if you want to plan something new or would like to get involved in events we're organising!

Under the banner of OneMarjon, we also have an ongoing programme of staff development to ensure inclusivity is embedded into our services and the curriculum. If you would like to know anything else about OneMarjon, or indeed if you have any ideas for diversity events or dates we could celebrate please contact Lynda Tout, the Inclusion Co-ordinator at

Alternatively you can speak to your Student Union representatives or Programme representatives who can take your ideas to the Student Experience Council.

The University hosted the annual 'Challenging Stereotypes' conference for teaching students in 2018.  This year was the tenth and was able to build on previous years programmes and widen it's audience.  As a compulsory part of the BEd programme, it was well attended by students about to move on to their careers in teaching.  More importantly though, the conference prepares students for the range of inclusivity issues they may face ahead, for example in terms of teaching disabled children, children from Gypsy/Traveller backgrounds and children from minority ethnic groups.

Every year, Marjon holds a number of awareness raising and celebratory events to support key equality dates.

In previous years we have supported the Refugee Crisis appeal, becoming a donation centre, and arranging a charity fundraiser which included a night of music followed by a sponsored camp out on the quad. 

The Student Union have already been very busy so far this academic year supporting the development of a wide variety of societies and ensuring that students, whatever their background and personal characteristics are supported.  In February 2018, the SU hosted a 'Women in Leadership' conference which was aimed at improving the female representation with the SU team and during this next year, they hope to run a further conference with a diversity focus to build on the success last year.  If this is something you would like to get involved with or you would like to find out more about the diversity council or the societies, contact the Student Union on campus.

Want to get involved with future events or have ideas?  Please contact the SU direct, pop into their office or drop them an email at or alternatively contact the Inclusion Co-ordinator at or through the Marjon Diversity facebook page.