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Current equality work

Accessibility maps

We have developed an accessibility maps for all disabled visitors, students and staff to use.    You will find it attached below. 

 Campus accessibility map
(adobe .pdf, 255 KB,)

Annual equality reporting

Each year, we publish a report about equality at the University.  The report shows our equality data, both in regard to students and staff and to summarise the work we have done in the area of equalities over the past year.  If you require any further information about the equality work we do or need the report in an alternative format please contact to make your request.

As well as publishing this report for your information, we will use the detail and analysis of our data and feedback to inform our future equality objectives.  It will also be used by us to gauge how our Equality & Diversity Scheme is operating and to check whether our equalities action plan (within the Equality & Diversity Scheme) is still sufficient.

We review progress on our Equality Objectives annually which also gives us an opportunity to collate and review equality data.  The most recent report of our data and the review can be found here: Annual Equality Report 2021-22.

Equality celebrations

During the academic year, working closely with the Students' Union we take the opportunity to celebrate some important 'equality' dates in our calendar.  These events tend to be run during the year in October, February and May.

We aim to continue celebrating dates that are of importance to those within our community.  If you have any suggestions for equality dates that you feel the University should mark, or you would like to get involved in those we are already planning we would love to hear from you.  In the first instance, please contact Lynda Tout, Inclusion Co-ordinator at .