Reporting discriminatory incidents

We hope your time on our campus, whether as staff, student or visitor is a good one and you'll agree that we are an open and friendly community.  However if you see something of a discriminatory nature happening on campus at the University, we want to know about it!

Even if you do not want any specific action taken, telling us what happened and when will alert us to attitudes and behaviour of those within our community.  We can then decide whether or not our current equality objectives are being achieved and how to develop our future work in this area.

As a result of the data we gather through this mechanism we may decide to undertake further training with staff members or change our student induction processes.

Use this report form to tell us about anything you feel uncomfortable with and which amounts to discriminatory behaviour, whether or not it happens to you, and whether or not you wish to start a formal 'complaint'.

What next?

Once completed the form can be posted or emailed to any of the contacts on the last page. If you have indicated that you would like further support, the Inclusion Co-ordinator, the Head of Student Support or the Student Union President will contact you to discuss your needs.  However if you have any concerns or questions on this or any other equality-related issue, please feel free to contact Lynda Tout, Inclusion Co-ordinator at or on telephone number 01752 636700 Extn 3246.