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In 2014 the University gained ‘Outstanding’ for Leadership and Management in the new OFSTED inspection framework. How did we do this?

Great teachers

‘‘All exceeded the minimum level of practice expected of teachers as defined in the Teachers’ Standards: just over half at an outstanding level and all of the others at a good level.’ (Ofsted 2014)

Strong, evidence-informed profession

Partnership staff engaged in hard hitting research supporting key priorities empowering practitioners and supporting professional identity e.g. character education, special educational needs, coaching and mentoring, maths anxiety, developing reading, exploratory and dialogic learning, ethical practice for school-based educational research.

Great leaders running our schools and at the heart of our system

‘The carefully crafted improvement plan has provided the partnership with a clear and well-understood blueprint for change. Systematically ….. lays down firm foundations for sustaining the ambitious plans for future developments. OFSTED 2014

Working in Partnership with a schools led system

The best leaders have impact beyond their own school, therefore collaboration lies at the heart of our future education system. The University of St Mark and St John exemplifies this ‘the collaborative nature of the partnership promotes high-quality training across all settings’ (OFSTED 2014)

High expectations and a world-leading curriculum for all

The University of St Mark and St John supports schools designing innovative and engaging curriculums that promote a love of learning in pupils by facilitating interactive and applied pupil conferences to make the knowledge-based curriculum come alive.