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Marjon Arts Centre launches ‘pay what you feel’ shows

Released: 07.10.22

The Shodyssey events poster - man in red shirt holding dog

Plymouth Marjon University has launched a ‘pay what you feel’ system for its theatre show ‘The Shodyssey’. Audience members will not pay a set rate but select a price upon booking and pay online.

In a response to the cost-of-living crisis, the Marjon Arts Centre is offering tickets to this family event on a ‘pay what you feel’ basis, to ensure that no one is excluded from the arts due to rising living costs.

The Barbican Theatre Company recently published a report of its year-long ‘pay what you decide’ pilot, which has shown a positive shift to more diverse audiences including young people.

‘The Shodyssey’, written and produced by the Plymouth-based Assembleth Theatre, is a comedic journey through the Trojan War as you’ve never seen it before. The production covers one of the most important historical conflicts of the ancient world.

The British Theatre Guide, an organisation that reviews theatre shows across the UK, reviewed the production:

“A very funny 60-minute romp through mythology with much stomping about and clattering of swords. There’s carnage, chaos, and a huge amount of humour as five Assembleth Theatre populate Greece, Troy, and a doorless wooden horse”.

The Assembleth Theatre has seen success at national and international festivals, in addition to their touring stage productions. Using traditional stimuli from the likes of Shakespeare, they tell stories that are accessible to everyone.

The Shodyssey is showing at the Marjon Arts Centre at 3 pm and 7:30 pm on Saturday 15th of October. Get your tickets here and pay what you can.

Learn more about the Marjon Arts Centre here.

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