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Marjon’s Active Choices Clinics spread to Brickfields Sports Centre

Released: 10.06.19

Plymouth Marjon University’s innovative Active Choices Clinics have spread to Brickfields Sports Centre, with the Everyone Active facility set to deliver the programme to those seeking advice and support for their health and wellbeing.

Marjon has run clinics for the community since an initial back pain clinic in 2008 and now the University offers a wide range of client-led programmes that focus on improving health and wellbeing through a range of activities and discussions around improving the lifestyle of clients.

Brickfields Sports Centre will also now be offering the six-week Active Choices programme, giving clients the chance to engage with help and advice in a group setting around lifestyle and physical activity.

Marjon will be delivering the initial six weeks at Brickfields while training their staff on the content available in the programme. The University will then provide ongoing support as the Sports Centre continues to deliver the sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis to their clients.

The Lifestyle, Sport & Health Co-ordinator at Marjon, Sam Vaughan, will be delivering the first round of sessions at Brickfields, and he’s keen to see Marjon’s clinics move to help more people in the community. 

“It’s great to see this programme of work head out in to Plymouth,” said Sam.

“Brickfields reached out to us because they are looking to offer health and wellbeing help for their clients so what we’re going to do is work with a range of users at the Sports Centre and help them learn and prepare to go and get healthier and fitter for themselves. It’s great for us to be able to go in there and reach people that we don’t always have access to at Marjon.”

The programme sees clients take part in weekly hour-long sessions covering core and general strength training, nutrition, flexibility, sleep and recovery to help them on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sam continued: “The sessions are designed for anyone who wants to get active and healthy and there is a big range of people who come along to the groups.

“The whole point is to encourage people to make healthy changes in their lives. That could be help on potential activities, but it could also be help with diet, sleep, stress or mobility. By the end of the sessions we hope that we’ve helped the clients find activities they enjoy and given them some ways to help them stick at it.

“We try a variety of different activities and we hope that through these sessions we are providing a toolkit for people to use on their health and wellbeing in their everyday lives. We’re setting the foundations and they can then go on and build the house.”

For enquiries about the sessions running at Brickfields, please fill out this form.

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