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University alums return to support undergraduate entrepreneurship

Released: 18.05.23

Harry Soloman presenting to undergraduate students

Plymouth Marjon University welcomed back two of its alumni, Harry Soloman and Nathan Morgan, to the Marjon Campus on 1 March and 19 April, respectively, to support graduate entrepreneurship. 

Harry, a former BA Sport Development and Coaching student, showcased his business, Wombat Cricket, while Nathan, who graduated from the BA Football Coaching and Development degree, shared his experience of running his one-to-one football coaching business, Level Up. 

The visit of both Harry and Nathan was part of the third-year Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management module, aimed at inspiring and supporting current students to consider their own business start-ups. The two alumni joined Dr Laura Wallis, the module leader, to run a session for the students. 

The event was an excellent opportunity for Marjon to showcase its links with alumni and their business successes, as well as highlight the practical applications of its programmes in business development.  

It was a chance to demonstrate the knowledge exchange between academic knowledge, applied business, and student learning, which is an essential part of the University’s collaborative ethos and value of ambition. 

Dr Phil Brown, Senior Lecturer in Sport Development at Marjon, said: 

"We’re delighted to welcome back Marjon alumni to share their experiences of developing and running businesses that they started as Marjon students. Harry Soloman of Wombat Cricket, and Nathan Morgan from Level Up, are inspiring examples of sports entrepreneurs who applied knowledge from their degrees to create excellent, successful businesses in the years after they graduated. Harry and Nathan are volunteering their time to contribute to students’ learning, by sharing their business journeys and know-how to encourage students’ innovation and creativity in developing their own business plans". 

Dr Laura Wallis, Senior Lecturer in Business at the University, added: “The students really benefited from hearing from Nathan and Harry. They were inspiring and gave some really useful, practical advice that they can take forward and use in their future work.” 

The University's business programmes and modules equip students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience necessary to succeed in the modern business world. Marjon has strong links with local and regional businesses, providing opportunities for students to engage in real-world projects and gain valuable industry insights. Marjon Business also offers a range of support services, including mentoring and networking opportunities, to help students achieve their career goals. 

The visit of Harry and Nathan showcased the practical applications of the courses and the expertise of the academics. Harry and Nathan’s return to the Marjon campus was a great success. Their inspiring stories of business success provided valuable insights to the students and demonstrated the university's commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and small business development.   

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