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Why work for Marjon?

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Students to inspire you

At Marjon, we all have the opportunity to be part of helping students to achieve their dreams, getting to know them individually and being proud of their success. When we know what they have come through to achieve it, it means all the more to us. This goes for everyone at the University, as we all work together to lift students if they stumble and to cheer their success at the end.

Colleagues to drive you

Being a small University, you’ll get to know everyone quickly. Team Marjon is intellectually challenging and ambitious, but also incredibly personally supportive. Our Values run through everything we do. The passion of our academics for their subject is infectious and the joy of learning and personal progression is a core part of our Values.

An employer to support you

We are committed to helping people to be the best they can be, and that not only means our students, it means our people as well. Our programme of health and wellbeing activities, Marjon Balance, aims to help our team to look after their physical health, nutritional health, mental health and social health. We run counselling and occupational health services for our employees, as well as a fair sick-pay scheme for those who fall ill during their employment. Staff members enjoy discounted gym membership at our onsite facilities, a cycle-to-work scheme and optional healthcare plans. Many of our employees work flexibly and are able to apply for parental leave and time off for dependants.  We also offer generous occupational schemes for maternity, paternity and adoption leave. Our on-site nursery is located in a brand new purpose-built building and we operate a childcare voucher scheme.

A location to revitalise you

Many people move to the South West for the out-of-work experiences. Whether it’s sailing on Plymouth Sound after work, cycling on Dartmoor on the weekend or quick trips to the Cornish beaches there’s something to appeal to everyone. With a world class gym and swimming pool onsite, (along with our professional sports therapy clinic if you get a bit too enthusiastic), keeping fit to enjoy the landscape is easy. Finally if you’re looking for space to think, breathe and be creative, our calming green quad, our pond, and our orchard are frequented by roaming deer from Dartmoor on many misty mornings. They can’t be wrong. Find out more about living and working in Plymouth on the Plymouth City Council website. 

An ambition to fuel you

We know what we do works. Every day we feel the positive impact of our achievements, both on individual students and on the wider community. That means we are driven to constantly and steadily better what we do. Our growth plans are exciting; designed to motivate and inspire our people, and encourage more students to experience higher education at Marjon. We encourage fresh new ideas across all areas of University life, whether that be through sharing research, to improving our student experience, to advancing our positive community or environmental impact, to creating ideas to attract the eye of future students. For those who are full of ideas and who know how to deliver, working for a small, fast-moving and ambitious university like Marjon means you can be given freedom to achieve.