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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for applicants

Will I get in?

We have always looked at applicants as individuals, rather than just as a series of predicted grades. We consider your experience, your passion for the subject and your personal statement.  

Please do contact us if you are concerned about your predicted grades, at We’ll do whatever we can to reassure you or give you information and advice.

Can I apply for accommodation?

Yes, and we recommend you apply quickly. You can apply as soon as you have firm accepted your offer (which can be conditional or unconditional).

Will I be able to get paid work whilst I study?

We know that many students work in bars, cafes or shops to cover some living expenses whilst they are at university. It is worth knowing that we employ large numbers of students at Marjon, with the aim of trying to put as much of their tuition fees back into their pockets as we can afford. We train our student colleagues carefully in a variety of skills, and employ students in a wide variety of roles - including working on the Welcome Desk, helping with our social media, working as a Student Ambassador at on campus events, and much more.

 Students tend to study for around 35 to 40 hours a week, including their taught sessions and their independent learning. Whilst fitting in part-time work around the edges of this is tiring, many students do manage this, and many of our work opportunities are built around your timetable and availability.

How can I visit campus?

You are more than welcome to visit campus before you join us in September. We run regular Campus Tours, which you can find out more about on our Campus Tours webpage.

If there are specific members of staff or departments you would like to speak to before your arrival, we'll be happy to arrange that - it could be an in-person chat on campus, a virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams, or a chat on the phone.

How can I get advice about coming to university?

There are various options. If you want to talk to one of the academics on the programme, you can contact them using the profiles on the course pages; they will be really pleased to hear from you and glad to help. Many courses also have student profiles where you can chat securely to students on the course about the course itself, or about student life.

 You can contact any of these students to ask general questions about student life, regardless of which course you have applied for. Click here to start an online chat with a current Marjon student.

If you have a specific question about grades required or about your application, the contact is the admissions team:

For anything else you need, or to book a campus tour, please contact our student recruitment team at