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Expectations of Students when seeking advice or support

At Marjon, we want to enable everyone to achieve their fullest potential in life. We can’t do this alone and have some simple expectations of how you will engage with us when you need support.


As a student seeking advice or support, it is expected you will:


1. Use professional email etiquette (as you would in any professional employment) in all communications with staff. You should:

· Use your Marjon email account to send messages to staff

· Include a clear subject line to indicate the subject of your message including module/programme name or code if that is relevant

· Make your emails clear and simple in terms of what you are asking, and use appropriate language. Use spell check and grammar check as this is good practice and makes your email clearer to follow.

· Do not use threatening or inappropriate language: this could result in disciplinary action.


2. Allow staff a reasonable period of time to answer queries within normal working hours. They will reply as quickly as possible and normally within three working days. Note many staff are in meetings all day and won’t be able to respond immediately so have patience.


3. If you are sent an email, please also aim to reply as promptly as you can, as this can help to keep support moving.


4. You need to monitor all University communications (including email). We will always use email to communicate essential information.


5. Raise queries promptly and be prepared to book an appointment to talk through more complex issues or queries in person.


6. Take responsibility for your own experience: you may find you can resolve simple questions yourself through information on MyMarjon or the website.