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BEd Primary Education Programmes

BEd Primary Education Programmes

This year all our interviews will take place online via Microsoft Teams and we look forward to meeting you and finding out about your experiences. We also hope this will give you the opportunity to find out about our programmes and ask questions. The interview is designed to find out if you are suitable for our primary education courses and if you have the potential to develop into a highly effective teacher. We are not looking for the ‘finished article’ but through the interview process hope to determine if you have the appropriate qualities and attributes for the course and teaching in general. We will not be assessing English and maths competencies (beyond standard qualification requirements) as part of the interview process as this will form part of our auditing process at the start of the course and continue throughout to ensure your subject knowledge builds to meet the requirements for QTS.

The interview structure:

  • Welcome and introduction to the BEd Primary Education programmes
  • A group task lasting 30 minutes with up to 3 other candidates and one or two University tutors/ partnership school staff
  • An individual interview lasting 45 minutes with a University tutor
  • Virtual or face to face campus tours will be offered on a different day


Candidate timings for interview days

9.00am – 9.40am - Introduction to the BEd Primary Education programmes

9.45am – 10.15am - Group task (all candidates in small groups)

10.40 – 11.25am or 11.40 – 12.25pm – Individual interviews (timing to be confirmed on the day).


Recommended preparation for interview

It is not essential that candidates have school experience when they apply for a BEd Primary Education programme, however we would recommend that you obtain some experience in school if possible to ensure that teaching is the right career path for you. Other experiences of voluntary or paid work with children will also be helpful in determining the age group you would be interested in working with.

You should familiarise yourself with the National Curriculum (key stages 1/2) and Early Years Foundation Stage framework (Early Years candidates). You should also be aware of changes to policy and current issues in education. If possible, talk to teachers and find out about their professional responsibilities.


Group task

  • This will be based around a children’s picture book and you will be asked to prepare in advance for this and present your thoughts and ideas for 5 minutes each. Groups will be no bigger than 4 candidates along with one or two tutors or partnership school staff.
  • Information on the requirements for the task and the books involved will be sent to candidates in advance.