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Transferring universities

Transferring universities

Have you changed your mind about what or where you want to study, or you just think Plymouth Marjon University is a better fit for you? We’re here to help you make that change.

We accept transfer applications for second and third year entry for most of our courses and for first-year entry to all of our courses.

Mid-year transfers are considered on an individual basis. Some of our professional courses have additional criteria so may not accept transfers but we will consider you on an individual basis.

Before you transfer

Changing university is quite achievable. There are a few things to consider before you contact us. Talk to your current personal tutor or course leader about your decision and find out how you can transfer with the minimum disruption to your studies and book an appointment with a Student Support Adviser to discuss your options

You should also consider that transferring programme is likely to have implications that will affect the following:

  • Any financial support you receive from Student Finance England or other funding bodies
  • Accommodation contracts
  • Impact on visas 

Make sure you understand the practical and financial implications of changing university - in some cases you may have to repeat a year. If you want to talk to us transferring, please research the courses we offer and then email our Admissions Team on

Will I have to repeat a year?

If you are going to be studying the same subject area, then you may not have to repeat a year.

We will need to see a transcript of your current marks (even if they are provisional) to see how you are getting on and if the modules you are taking are a good match to our own. In order to make your place unconditional, we will need to see that you have achieved 120 credits for entry into Year 2 or 240 credits for entry into Year 3. If you are looking to enter into Year 1 of a new course, you will need to meet the current advertised entry requirements.

If there are significant differences between the course you are leaving and the one you want to study with us (subjects, modules, technical skills etc.) it is possible you will have to repeat a year, or we may be able to give you credit for some of your prior learning (please refer to section 5 of our Admissions Policy). Depending on the course you have applied for, you could be invited to interview oryou may be asked to provide a portfolio of your work.

Ready to transfer course?

We will carefully consider your request to transfer in to Marjon and potentailly then ask you to apply.

Whether you want to transfer into the first, second or third year, you must apply to Plymouth Marjon University through UCAS, our institution code is P63. To apply follow these steps:

  • Log in to UCAS to start your application.
  • Change the 'Point of entry' ie from 1 (first year) to 2 (second year) or 3 (third year) if applicable.
  • Ensure the reference on your application is provided by one of your current university tutors.
  • List details of all modules you have studied as well as your school-leaving qualifications.
  • Provide a full educational history from age 16 onwards - see filling in your application advice on the UCAS website.
  • We will also require confirmation from your current university that you have officially withdrawn.

Transferring student finance

Both Plymouth Marjon University and your current university or college may expect payment of some or all of your tuition fees.  epending on when you leave your university, the amount of fees charged will vary. It is important that you establish what the fee charge will be before you transfer.

You should tell Student Finance that you are transferring. Your maintenance support may be affected if the academic year of the new course you are transferring to has a different duration (eg it runs for more years or fewer years than your current course would have done). Student Finance will recalculate your money based on the academic year dates of your new course. Your eligibility for future funding may be affected if your new course has a different number of years duration compared to your current course.

It is important to tell your current university that you are transferring, so that your funding can be left for your new university. The new university will need to submit transfer details to Student Finance, this does not happen automatically.

Transferring away from Marjon

If you decide that you would like to leave the Plymouth Marjon University to undertake a programme at another university, you will need to contact that university to find out if they will consider you for a transfer and then seek their advice about how you can apply.

If the transfer is agreed and you are offered a place at another university, you will need to inform us that you will be leaving by completing a withdrawal form, which can be found on LearningSpace.This will require you to meet with your programme leader and an advisor from Student Support to discuss the implications of transferring so that all the necessary paperwork can be completed. If you are living in University managed accommodation, you should also contact

If you have completed enough credits to be eligible for an interim award (eg CertHE or DipHE), you can request it when you notify us of your withdrawal, by emailing  Transferring to a new university may affect how your final award is classified, so do check their academic regulations.