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Alumni discount

A 20 per cent fee discount is available to all students who progress from an undergraduate to postgraduate programme at the University of St Mark & St John.The International students can combine a Nationality Bursary with either an Early Payment Discount or Alumni Discount but not both.

Payment of Fees

If you are an international student requiring a visa to study in the UK, you must ensure you have the means both to pay your fees and to cover your living expenses while you study at the University. This is a requirement of current UK immigration rules. 

University of St Mark & St John requires a tuition deposit of £2,500 to secure your place. When the deposit is paid we will begin to process your CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance of Study) which you will need for your visa application. Paying the deposit has a number of benefits; it reduces the amount of tuition fees payable on arrival and therefore lessens the level of finance you need to provide evidence for your visa interview and it can demonstrate your commitment to the programme. Once the deposit has been paid to University it will only be refunded upon production of an original visa rejection notice from the appropriate visa office and completion of the Refund Application form, available from the International Office. No refund will be made if there is evidence that your visa application was made using fraudulent documentation.

When should fees be paid
Fees should be paid in advance or on arrival either in full (see Fee discount) or by instalment (see Payment by Instalment). Where students are not paying for themselves the sponsors will need to provide evidence of the means of payment for the student before the CAS can be issued and the evidence will need to be produced at the visa interview. No reduction is offered on tuition fees for students arriving late on to their course.

Tuition fee payment
If you are sending money from abroad, the most cost effective and easiest method of payment is by bank transfer. Please contact Accounts office (  or International office ( for Bank details if you want to make your tuition fee payment by bank transfer. Any charges for this transaction must be paid for by yourself when arranging the transfer.  If you make a payment by bank transfer then please send us a copy of the bank transfer receipt.  Please make sure that you include the student’s name and your Student Number as a reference.

Payment by instalment
If you would like to pay by instalment then in addition to the other requirements you must also send or bring to registration a copy of the same documentation used for your visa application demonstrating that you have adequate means of financial support in place.
Where tuition fees are paid in instalments, the first instalment must be paid in advance or on arrival.  The second and third instalments should be paid in consecutive months, starting the month after enrolment.  A repayment plan will need to be agreed and signed with the University.


Payment plans

If you are being sponsored by your government or other type of organisation, you are expected to provide satisfactory evidence of your sponsorship. If you are on a course for less than six months you will be expected to pay your invoice in full before the start date of your course.

If you are personally responsible for paying your tuition fee, you will be expected to pay your invoice in full on arrival or enter into a repayment agreement if you want to pay your tuition fee in termly instalments.

If you are only paying your accommodation fees, you will be expected to enter into a repayment agreement. This will be arranged during your one-to-one tutorial with Marjon's International Student Financial Adviser.

Methods of payment and back details

  • International currency transfer: If you choose to send money through a bank in your home country directly into Marjon's account, please add £15 sterling to cover bank charges; this may help you to avoid further bank charges when the money reaches Marjon's bank account.
  • Credit card: We accept all major credit cards but not the American Express card.
  • Debit card: There is no extra charge by payment with debit card.  
  • Travellers cheques: We accept travellers cheques in pound sterling.


University of St Mark and St John
General Fund Account No: 80499919
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Barclays Bank, 50 Cornwall Street
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United Kingdom 
IBAN number: GB70 BARC 2068 1080 499919

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we will be very happy to help you in any way we can.