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Quick facts about Marjon

We aim high. We don’t just aim for academic success. We aim for happy. How? Small class sizes, confidence-boosting workshops, gym and pool on site and a thoughtful, student-centred support network.

You'll have your very own Personal Development Tutor to help you develop your strengths. You won’t be hiding at the back of a lecture theatre with us. You’ll be in the thick of the debate with your tutor - they’ll all know you personally and here your ideas count.

The personal touch

Marjon was founded in the 1830s in order to educate young boys out of poverty. The world has changed, but our values haven’t. Our mission is still to help people to be the best they can be, to aim high, and then higher still. Crucially, we give our students not just the skills to succeed but also the confidence. Without confidence, without belief in yourself, without knowing how good you are, skills can amount to nothing.

Our Personal Development Tutors work with small groups of students to uncover their strengths, build their confidence and ensure they make the most of their uni life. They help students to leave here having unearthed their natural leadership styles, knowing what they are good at, and knowing what they enjoy. They help students to make choices and to build a career that suits their personal values and preferences so that they enjoy their our work and live a fully-rounded and happy graduate-level life.

We get to know you

Small class sizes mean students feel safe to test, to fail, to learn and to grow. Specific resilience classes mean students learn to hold the attitudes of successful people. We run networking skills classes to help you to ask for help from others.

In larger universities, you will often hear of people sitting at the back of large lecture theatres, not taking part. We know that’s not the best way to learn. We believe in hands-on debate and hands-on learning. We believe that when tutors know you – how you best learn, what interests you, what your goals are – they can help you to love your subject even more.

We aim to make learning interactive and practical, investing in the best kit and facilities and taking you outside the traditional “classroom“ to engage your brain in new ideas. Criminology students may find themselves learning in the court room and psychology students may be analysing the interactions on the hockey pitch. Education students spend time in schools but also take up other opportunities, such as teaching in refugee centres or at outdoor education camps. And we have many onsite clinics for members of the public so that health sciences students can learn directly in a clinical environment – with all the real-life complexity and satisfaction that brings.

Small class sizes simply means – we know you. We care about you. And we help you to succeed.

We're on one campus

A calm space with an orchard, pond, grassy quad and even deer. No commute means more quality time for study, socialising, societies or sport. Accommodation on campus is guaranteed for new students.

We're lucky to live here

Our location is spectacular – close to beaches, Dartmoor, and the city. From sundowners by the lighthouse to surfing before breakfast, this is a fabulous place to make the most of your life.


We discover your strengths

We discover your strengths (and have been for almost 180 years!). Teacher training graduates from Marjon earn more than those from any other uni in the South West and Wales. They’re not just job-ready, they’re promotion-ready. We’re instilling this model across all courses, bringing out students’ natural talents, and putting resilience and leadership skills into the heart of our courses.

At work, you can expect to get to know your colleagues, work on real projects and – we firmly advocate – you should do something you love. You should expect a supportive atmosphere which helps you to have creative ideas and implement them. You should expect to be respected, to have your strengths celebrated and to continue to learn and develop. At Marjon we’ll do all this by ensuring you have fabulous access to real-life kit and facilities, work closely with relevant industry, and tackle real-life situations.

We believe in you

We use our Values to bring out your values. Our Values of humanity, ambition, curiosity and independence mean that we believe in others, we care about their success and happiness, and we are always searching for a better way. We know that when you do work which aligns with your values, you are not only happier but also more successful – you put more in because you care about what you are doing. So our degrees help you to explore and discover what you most care about in order to make career decisions that make you happy and successful.