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Our educational activities continue to evolve in response to Local, Regional, National and International needs. Proud of our historic roots, the University continues to develop its educational courses to reflect the needs of the twenty-first century attracting students from all over the UK and Overseas.

We recognise that the service our homestay families provide is an important factor in ensuring that our students feel welcome and safe in an unfamiliar environment. We are always looking for new families who can provide high quality accommodation in private, welcoming homes.

Providing homestay accommodation has certain responsibilities. These are: 

  • To collect your student from the University, bus or train station on arrival and drop them off on their departure - arrivals and departures will usually be on a Saturday or Sunday between 9am and 9pm, however this cannot be guaranteed and may be outside of these times
  • To help your student find their way to the University by providing bus timetables, directions, maps and if possible by personally showing them the way there and back on their first day
  • To provide breakfast and dinner every day Monday to Friday - a healthy diet, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • To provide breakfast, lunch and dinner at weekends.  If your student is going on an excursion then please provide a packed lunch
  • To provide fresh towels and linen on a weekly basis and provision for laundering personal items
  • To provide clean and comfortable accommodation in a single occupancy room - if you are able to accommodate more than one student we require that they do not speak the same language
  • To provide reasonable access to the internet
  • To be available for inspection on a two year cycle

There is a lot more to being a homestay provider; your happiness to talk with your student will improve their language, your kindness will help them if they feel homesick and by involving them in your life you will be giving them an experience they will remember for a lifetime.  Your student may ask many questions relating to the history and culture of Britain and are keen to learn.

The University will support you and your student.  On the rare occasion that a student is unhappy and requests to be moved we will mediate to try and resolve any issues but may need to move the student.  If you are not comfortable with a student we are happy to mediate, or move a student at your request if you prefer. Should a student request to be moved or you request a student to be removed then notice of 1 week should be given.

Occasionally, due to international factors beyond our control (eg war, terrorism, illness, immigration) a student or group of students may cancel their study in the UK. Should a group cancel and we are unable to give you notice of 1 week then you will be compensated with payment for 1 week. 

Current rates of pay:

  • £110 per person per week
  • £120 per person per week if providing a Halal diet
  • Payments are made direct to you bank account:

Please complete and return the form below to register as a homestay provider.